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Friday, May 27, 2011

My flash game top of the week #7

The 7th part of the week best games of my choice. More then 50 games a week but not so much real hits this time. Still hard to choose only five:
  1. Ghost Flight - I like one button tunnel games, multiplayer extension of classic gameplay is a great idea as for me ^) I've played 100+ times so far even with highscores not saved properly %) 9/10
  2. King of Sweden 2 - Great extreme car driving #game, a lot of upgrades and very nice visuals ^) 10/10
  3. Easy Joe - Great puzzle gameplay and excellent minimalistic graphics style ^) 10/10
  4. Power Fist - I like this speedy skill #game and especially funny bot character ^) #flashgame 8/10
  5. Action Turnip!!! - I didn't know that there is run'n'gun #game genre ^) Speedy and funny #flashgame
You are welcome to upload Your games, so could You please don't be lazy ;) Thanks in advance!

I'm going to vacations, so the next chapter in two weeks.
Thanks for reading me. Stay tuned and have a nice week end! :)

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