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Friday, November 29, 2013


Astroback - Very nice art style in this platformer, not too easy through :) #game 0.0 / 10

e+Games Game Top Week 132

This week the top is based on #game views only again, more views, higher place, is it fair charting technique approved :)

10Arrow Explode Zombie
Arrow Explode Zombie - Zombies %) 10.0 / 10

9.Honey Swipe
Honey Swipe - Ninja Baseball? #game 8.0 / 10

A question on G+ ;)

I've got a question on G+ @ +Google+ +Google Developers: I have 100+ notification mails from G+ all the week. It's about 1,5 hours for me to parse.

1.  Do You review followers?
2.  How do You manage it?
3.  Is speed looks acceptible for You in 5-10 tabs when reviewing followers?
4. Don't You think that summary in added to circles mail needed like it's done on #twitter?
5. Any other ideas how to speed up/optimize? #googleplus #socialmedia  #dev  

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ufo Clash

Ufo Clash
Ufo Clash - Good game, stylish visuals and to much ads as for this kind of game %) 8.0 / 10

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013

[R&D] Unity First Impressions #3 #gamedev

We've in progress with a new Unity #game for mobile devices. Working on gameplay with early #prototype and sharing more first impressions.

We can't share a demo and material on #game it so some funny stuff instead  and more funny stuff in the end of article ;)

  1. Development in unity is specified for the desktop, but when it comes to mobile devices, small problems that complicate the process and increase the testing time appear. I wasn’t able to find a way to emulate gyroscope accelerometer data etc. while testing in the editor itself. It all comes down to a long compilation process and then you still need to transfer everything to a devise or an emulator, which also takes more than enough time. Another thing that’s even more uncomfortable is editing the touch events, because they cannot be emulated with the cursor. A problem like that did not exist in the Flash+Starling. In fact, there was even a gesture emulation. Here you need to work with what you have. In other words, to use the keyboard and come up with something else. If you want to check the click through rate of the desktop objects, you’ll have to write a similar code, that reacts to the movement of the cursor with the pressed down button. By the way, if you write a code, optimized for multitouch, for pressing more than one button at the same time, during the reaction realization only one will work. It means that you’ll have to write a code for touch tracking anyway and there isn’t a way to make sure if it works in the editor during the quick launch, only after a long compilation and installation process. Long story short, there’s enough trouble.
  1. When working with 2D gui objects, the incomprehensible coordinate system with the beginning in the center of the screen brings more problems. What I mean is that a point, which in the standard screen coordinate system is located in the upper left corner of the screen and its coordinates are (0:0), will have (-Screen.width/2 ; Screen.height/2) coordinates in the unity system. That doesn’t seem to be quite comfortable :) Maybe I just haven’t found a way to change the coordinate origin settings yet and everything is a lot more simpler. By the way, 2d elements can be set in the 3d coordinate system. Then the location on the screen can be measured with the floating point number from 0 to 1 and it automatically redraws after you change the screen size. It’s cool, but not when you need a pixel accuracy.
  1. I almost managed to repeat the Flash application structure by operating the process from one class (a sort of Main). To do that, you just need to create an Empty GameObject and attach the code to it.
  1. There’s also a lack of such ActionScript feature as the addEventListener. For a class, inherited from MonoBehaviour, there’s a possibility to reload the functions, that are called at specific events. There’s a lot of them (https://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/ScriptReference/MonoBehaviour.html). You could say, that there’s one for every occasion, including the events, that react to collisions with other 3d or 2d objects, the beginning and the end of render, cursor click etc. However, there’s one negative side: if you need to track an event for many objects on the scene, you won’t be able to do that with a simple addEventListener line in the cycle. There’s more than one way out of this situation, but none of them is that simple. Such solutions aren’t good enough, if you need to quickly create something new and check if it works without fixating on the realization of such mechanism.
  1. Unlike the MovieClip with one main class, the object in unity and prefab can have as many classes like that as you like. It’s really cool and handy. You can add a code while the program is running and in flash it was impossible. Access to such class: while in MovieClip we’re working directly with variables and methods, in unity GameObject we’ll have to use the GetComponent function. It looks something like this: (myGameObj.GetComponent("sizeClass") as sizeClass).width = 500;  you can save the link in the variable, so that there’s no need to invoke it every time. It codes well)))
  1. The physics is great and simple to use. It saves time during prototype creation and especially things like inert object moving and their collision. Before in most cases mechanics like that had to be written manually or you needed an external framework. Here there’s no additional installations and complications. It’s enough to watch a couple of video lessons to make a judgment about the simplicity of physics http://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/modules/beginner/physics
We've got a demo, working on features and playability but with unique gameplay can't show it as I've told before. So instead of sketches I thought to share funny and completely unplayable demo of Angry Birds in 3D (Web and Android Builds).

Also I'm still planning to expand Unity on Windows Phone impressions in previous article R&D for Moblile Game Development.

Previous parts of this article are here [R&D] Unity First Impressions #2 #gamedev and here [R&D] Unity First Impressions #1 #gamedev

That’s all for now, see You soon :)

High Sky

High Sky
High Sky - Nice platformer, character is best of all, funny guy :) #game 10.0 / 10

Empire Avenue Top Supporters List by (е)GETITCOOKED, (е)EPLUSGAMES & (e)7а 2013-11-25

Thanks for support to our most active fiends for more and more activity all over #socialmedia from (е)GETITCOOKED(е)EPLUSGAMES & (e)7а! 157 players, 22 players more than last week, You know guys, You Rock! :) Buying as promised will take some more time... :)


Have an amazing week ahead of You friends :)
PS. Share please ;) 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Good Daddy 2

Good Daddy 2
Good Daddy 2 - Good idea, very nice implementation of #puzzle gameplay and stylish, cute characters/background design :) 10.0 / 10

Friday, November 22, 2013

e+Games Game Top Week 131

This week the top is based on #game views only, more views, higher place, is it fair charting technique, what do You think?

10. Kveendolnitza 2
Kveendolnitza 2 - Just great point and click quest #game, reminds me of Samorost and Machinarium :) 10.0 / 10

9. Snakez
Snakez - Snake on steroids :) #classic #game 9.0 / 10

Kveendolnitza 2

Kveendolnitza 2
Kveendolnitza 2 - Just great point and click quest #game, reminds me of Samorost and Machinarium :) 10.0 / 10

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Penguin Plunge

Penguin Plunge
Penguin Plunge - Funny and cute setting for dogfight/space navigation mechanics :) #game 9.0 / 10

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

[R&D] Unity First Impressions #2 #gamedev

We've started up with a new Unity #game for mobile devices recently. Working on #tech demo/#prototype and sharing more first impressions.

  1. What I like most is good documentation. The video lessons from their official site were enough for the beginning. Now I’m also watching the lessons here http://www.unity3dstudent.com/category/modules/ . The examples on this site are only on Js. It would seem to be uncomfortable if you want to write on C#, but you can easily write a code of equal value on both languages and the best part is that scripts on unity can be also written on both of them and they will work together without any problems)) I’m not sure yet which language to choose. JS is kind of closer to flash, but C# is easier to read when it comes to large amounts of code. I hope I’ll decide soon.

  2. The most complicated thing so far is to understand the unity application structure itself. At some points it crosses path’s with flash and is complicated by 3d frills. It’s hard at the very beginning, because after working with 2d graphics it was a little unusual that you need to at least set the lights for the scene, or else it will be dark like in… )) After 2d, it’s also hard to allocate objects in 3d space. A simple drag-and-drop with the cursor doesn’t always work. Sometimes you’ll have to switch between different projections and drag the object in each one of them.
  3. It’s important to understand what prefab is. It’s a MovieClip analogue, only with a more complex structure. I didn’t puzzle out all of the details yet, but they can be easily created on the scene with a simple drag-and-drop as well as with a dynamic code.

  4. What also made my day is that if class contains public parameters, they are shown in fields of object inspector and can be edited manually from there.

  5. I really liked the simplicity of adding physics to the object. It’s quite simple to add a Rigidbody component to the object and it will begin responding to the physics. You can set such parameters as weight, gravity etc. The manipulation with physical factors also doesn’t seem to be quite complicated. For example, gm.rigidbody.AddForce( Vector3(0,20,0)); - is a sort of a way to kick the object up (it will gain a one-time speed-up depending on the indicated vector). There are a couple of more useful things like that, which can come in handy and will save plenty of time for quickly written trash-games.

  6. I also haven’t got the time yet to figure out how you can simulate the accelometer and gyro sensor on your pc. Once again, I’ve spent enormous amount of time on testing one code line, which responds to the accelometer.

  7. In the morning, I heard that a new version of unity with 2d native support was released. I’m curious about what they came up with :)
We've got a demo working demo but with unique gameplay can't show it,  So sketches next I guess.

Also I'm still planning to expand Unity on Windows Phone impressions in previous article R&D for Moblile Game Development

That’s all for now, see You soon :)

Semantic Wars

Semantic Wars
Semantic Wars - I like hard games, word games and defense game, altogether is a bit too much %) 9.0 / 10


Snakez - Snake on steroids :) #classic #game 0.0 / 10

Monday, November 18, 2013

Top online games best ever so far (Year 3)

Today our portal e+Games is 3 year old according to date added to our studio portfolio. Happy Birthday to e+Games!

We've had already 130 weekly game charts and today is selection of the winners earlier published first and later published last. It was lots of changes in editors staff, game technologies and portal CMS software code and so on:

  • We've changed negative #trend with #flash #games and started with #mobile #reviews, #HTML5/#JS, #Unity and larger #browser #games in iframe
  • We've lost two editors and found Tanya as editor and #sociamedia specialist this year, she Rocks, You know :)
  • We've made a lot of #socilamedia and #blog automation and tweaks with custom scripts, tools and paid software like Socialbro and HootSuite
So  I can say for sure we are growing and evolving :)

Some stats for three years online:
  1. Visits: 599,732 (138,836 a Year, +23 %)
  2. Unique Visitors: 404,114
  3. Pageviews: site 964,174 and blog 155,122 - we've made our first Million of Pageviews :) (430,156
     a Year, +38 %)
  4. Games: 7380 (2204 a Year,  +30 %)
  5. Disk space: 24 GB (8 a Year, +33 %)
  6. Tags: 8954
  7. Users: 409 (147 a Year,  +35 %)
  8. Comments: 2948
  9. Votes: 8513
  10. My game uploads 2639 (35% of all), comments 1673 (56% of all)
  11. Alexa: 156,777 (~300000 last Year and ~100000 a Year before) 

If anybody interested will share more numbers. Previous top #online #games charts to compare numbers are here Top 100 flash games best ever so far (Year 2) and here Top 100 flash games best ever so far Year 1.

1. Tunnel Panic - One of the best ever one button #reflex #skill games so far :) #game 9.4/10
Tunnel Panic

2. Homerun in Berzerk Land - Wow! The best game ever! Waiting so much for second part! 10/10
Homerun in Berzerk Land

Empire Avenue Top Supporters List by (е)GETITCOOKED, (е)EPLUSGAMES & (e)7а 2013-11-18

Thanks for support to our most active fiends for more and more activity all over #socialmedia from (е)GETITCOOKED, (е)EPLUSGAMES & (e)7а! 135 players, nearly 9 players less than last week, You know guys, You Rock! :) Buying as promised will take some time... %)


Have an amazing week ahead of You friends :)
PS. Share please ;)  

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rock Rush: Classic 3

Rock Rush: Classic 3
Rock Rush: Classic 3 - When I was a kid I spend hundreds of hours with the game like this named Bolder Dash on my ZX Spectrum :) 9.0 / 10

Friday, November 15, 2013

[Tech] Windows 8.1 Update


Microsoft, Microsoft Ukraine, I've got Windows 8.1 upgrade from Windows 8 SL 64 bit now, 30 min of download on 20 Mbps, 10 min of install on SSD and i5 and no way to launch %)

I was promoted to log in to Win Live account. I understand, I have to remember the password but I didn't because I don't use it recently. And how was I supposed to receive activation code by email (the only option avail) without Windows running? Happily we've got one more PC at home, +20 min :)

[Hint] So everybody who updates Windows from 8 to 8.1, please have Your password to Windows Live in mind and another computer/device with access to Your mail to get verification code ;) #useful

e+Games Game Top Week 130

This week the top is based on #game views only, more views, higher place, is it fair charting technique, what do You think?

Little Kingdom
10. Little Kingdom - Not too intuitive at first but looks nice :) #strategy #game 8.0 / 10

Prehistoric Shark
9. Prehistoric Shark - It's a legendary #game series and this part is quite interesting and rushy as always %) 9.0 / 10

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Little Kingdom

Little Kingdom
Little Kingdom - Not too intuitive at first but looks nice :) #strategy #game 8.0 / 10

And one more tweak to optimize posting with API process, several clicks less :) #web #dev

[Most Played Games #1] Experiment 17, PixEvo - The Fountain, Obey The Game

We are keep on testing Blogger API, looks like managed finally :)

3. Experiment 17 - This modern style fits for a snake game ^) 10 / 10
Experiment 17

2. PixEvo - The Fountain - Nice gameplay idea + pretty hard to play = real old school #game ^) 9.7 / 10
PixEvo - The Fountain

1. Obey The Game - It's not a #puzzle. it's super dynamic action #game ^) Great idea, excellent implementation! #flashgame 10 / 10
Obey The Game

Our new game Element 53 @ FGL #gamedev

I happy that I've got a lot #gamedev related topics to start lately, please support our new re-skin/upgrade of old #match3 #casual #game @ FGL.com

Match three of a kind elementals, gather the stars, find fifth element to save the world.

Match three casual game: 16 levels, 8 upgrades with 5 levels each, 8 bonuses, 1 slot for in-game premium element purchases and endless combos in gameplay, customizable highscores system. Minimalistic design and atmospheric sound.

Build with AIR, tested on touch devices, ready for AppStore.

Naturally addicting, don't even try it  ;)

Prehistoric Shark

1. Prehistoric Shark - It's a legendary #game series and this part is quite interesting and rushy as always %) 9 / 10
Prehistoric Shark

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

[Top Rated Games #1] Liquid Measure 2, Homerun in Berzerk Land, Flood Runner Armageddon

We are testing posts from our portal e+CMS to Blogger through API version 3. It's already take 6 weeks and still doesn't work as needed %) So 3 of Top Rated #games on our portal:

1. Liquid Measure 2 - Great idea and excellent polished implementation of puzzle #game ^) 10/10
Liquid Measure 2

2. Homerun in Berzerk Land - Great launcher game - Berzerk Studio rocks as always ^)10/10
Homerun in Berzerk Land

3. Flood Runner Armageddon - I like run away games, this one is well done ^) 10/10

Flood Runner Armageddon

Hope we manage with Google API soon and going to share more targeted #game selections ^)

Multi Runner

Extremely addicting multitasking game, read instruction on controls first "o" and "i" on the first level in arcade mode %)

I love google api

I love google blogger api.

[R&D] Unity First Impressions #1 #gamedev

I'm happy to post much more #gamedev related articles recently :)

We've started up with a new Unity #game for mobile devices and finally it's with unique #gameplay that we invented or mixed to tell more precise.

So working on #tech demo/#prototype and sharing first impressions.

This is our opinion about Unity so far:

1. The coding is bearable, but unlike Flash, all kinds of simple operations are more complex, for example:
something you could spell out in flash like this
here will look like this:
transform.position=new Vector3(transform.position.x,transform.position.y,transform.position.z+10);

2. It’s cool that you can add your code files to each scene object just like it once could be done in the Flash with AS2. It’s kind of a convenience plus, but it’s not clear yet how to cooperate with objects, roughly speaking, from other files.
And where’s the main file of the Main program/class isn’t clear too.
As well it is unclear how to operate with the dynamically created objects.

3. The cell phone development is kind of moronic.
The preview starts up fast, but you’re not able to set a specific screen size, because it depends from the way the panels are arranged and on my monitor it’s really small. The only way to test it with a decent proportion is to prepare a build for either your PC or your phone and indicate the size directly. The problem is that in both cases the build preparation will take lots of time even for a couple of code lines, not to mention the installation time on your phone. In Flash it’s quite simple. All you have to do is launch the adl. It’s quick and the result is almost the same as the one on your phone.
To sum up, it’s kind of disappointing, when all you need to do is change one small line or even one number, but you have to wait for about 5 minutes to see the result.

We've got more impressions written down for the second article, the translation is in progress...

Also I'm planning to expand Unity on Windows Phone impressions in previous article R&D for Moblile Game Development

See You soon ;) 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hidden Object - Haunted House

One more proof that any genre of games can be done cool, perfect implementation of hidden object game :)

Empire Avenue Top Supporters List by (е)GETITCOOKED, (е)EPLUSGAMES & (e)7а 2013-11-11

Thanks for support to our most active fiends for more and more activity all over #socialmedia from (е)GETITCOOKED, (е)EPLUSGAMES & (e)7а! 144 players, nearly 2x more then 75 last week, 40 new, You know guys, You Rock! :) Buying as promised will take some time... %)


Have an amazing week ahead of You friends :)
PS. Share please ;) 

Friday, November 8, 2013

e+Games Game Top Week 129

This week one game is user uploaded and one is submitted by email, all the games found and published by me again, please help me, take a challenge ;)

10. Ghostbombers - Nice idea, rushy implementation and cute graphics, games from NowGames are better and better recently :) 9/10

9. Jewel Dive -  9/10
Jewel Dive


Weird idea and very nice implementation :) #skill #game

Ender's Game (Ender Saga) (Kindle Edition) Review #ebook

I haven't read such a solid, involving and stylish book for ages, reads easy even for not native language reader like me, inrto for the book tells why ;) Recommended and Amazon Verified Purchase this time: read in English as promised. #scifi #ebook

The links are for Ender's Game (The Ender Quintet) because Ender's Game (Ender Saga) (Kindle Edition) aren't available somehow and my revieiw at Amazon.

More #games #book #movies @ Amazon Astore

Thursday, November 7, 2013