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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Top 100 flash games best ever so far (Year 2)

Today our portal e+Games is 2 year old according to date added to our studio portfolio. Happy Birthday to e+Games!

Instead of weekly flash game top week 10 to portals two years it's going to be our top 100 flash games selection best ever so far. The selection is containing most played, top rated and editor choice nominations.

The hardest thing during the game selections was not to play too much :D All of these games are so great that it started to be a real challenge :) But I got through it :D When I finally gathered all the games I wanted to add to our Top100 and started counting them there were 200+ games 0_0

Some stats for two years online:
1. Visits: 460,896
2. Pageviews: 689,140
3. Games: 5176
4. Disk space: 16 GB
5. Tags: 7508
6. Users: 262
7. Comments: 2621
8. Votes: 6200
9. Games uploaded by our team: 3679 (71% of all)
10. If anybody interested will share more numbers.

Games selected, moderated and published by: 7a - R&D, game developer, social media specialist, igo25 - portal server side programmer and editor and me (newman) - humble portal editor :)

Selection's one part made of top rated and most played formally and the other part of suggestions and editor's favourites is more based on personal favours so please don't judge too strictly :)

Top 100 flash games best ever so far list:
100. IQ Ball Girl's choice award of FlashGAMM Kyiv :) 10/10
IQ Ball

99. 4 Differences This is not your standard boring difference game. This one got some style. Awesome animated sites and cool music! It's the first part of great trilogy, so come check other parts: 5 Differences and 6 Differences 10/10
4 Differences

98. Don't look back is a modern interpretation of the Orpheus and Eurydice Greek legend in old-school hardcore realisation. 10/10
Don't look back

97. Wizard Hult Well made platformer with interesting story. 9/10
Wizard Hult

96. Open Doors 2 Too many doors if you ask me :) But a nice new idea for puzzle game. 9/10
Open Doors 2

95. The Orbit Game One of the best examples of true minimalistic yet fun games. 10/10
The Orbit Game

94. Neon Rider The time when you just want to get more speed and air. If you'll switch colours right, of course :) 9.7/10
Neon Rider

93. Hacker vs Hacker Another cool old-school :) defence game. I wish everything was that easy ;) 9.8/10
Hacker vs Hacker

92. Sticky Blocks Fun and entertaining puzzle game. It's like the younger brother of DuBlox to me :) 9.5/10
Sticky Blocks

91. The Trader of Stories Perfect artwork and mysterious story. Truly enjoyable even to those who don't really into the quest games. 10/10
The Trader of Stories

90. znRevolutions started as an experimental game. Yeah, I didn't believed it either. 10/10

89. We are the Robots Light and entertaining puzzle game with very nice graphics. 9.5/10
We are the Robots

88. Chase Goose 2 This game always makes me smile :) But the monster is really scary though :) 10/10
Chase Goose 2

87. Cube Tank Arena Couldn't stop playing until the very end. I wish all of the 3D games were that polished! 10/10
Cube Tank Arena

86. Making Monkeys True monkey business begins when the monkey gets the cloning gun :D 10/10
Making Monkeys

85. Binga One of my most favourite puzzle games. The one where you don't need to crack your head and get angry to find the way through the levels. 10/10

84. Heavy Pawnage I like mech-games. This filled with lots of explosions, enemies and upgrades, what more do you need? >:D 10/10
Heavy Pawnage

83. Zuper Green is new here and might be a bit difficult from the start. But once you got used to gameplay you'll surely enjoy it. 9.5/10
Zuper Green

82. light-Bot 2.0 light-Bot 1 and 2 are more for the programmers I guess, obviously because this games are using the certain logic to control that robot. 10/10
light-Bot 2.0

81. Tower Tank Destruction I hope this TD game will be interesting not only for tower defence fans :) 10/10
Tower Tank Destruction

80. Skinny Well known platformer the story of which remains not completely clear to me :-/ 9.8/10

79. 10 Bullets You have only 10 bullets to launch the chain reaction in order to destroy as more ships as you can. Can you beat 7a's record (355)? :) 10/10
10 Bullets

78. Doom Triple Pack Not much to say. It's a legend of the gaming. Nice to have the opportunity to play this in your browser. 10/10
Doom Triple Pack

77. Run Robo Run Lots of runaway games available but you'll play twice and more only few of them... 10/10
Run Robo Run

76. Quake You can't add Doom without the Quake :) So here it is - another legend reborn in your browser :) 10/10

75. Coma The detail of this puzzle game always amazed me. Makes it easy to "feel" that other world. 9.5/10

74. Paper Defense It's good when somebody makes the classic game with unusual style. Just like this defence game. 10/10
Paper Defense

73. Straw Hat Samurai Interesting slasher game idea, perfect graphics style and nice colour setting. 10/10
Straw Hat Samurai

72. Paper Warfare Cool and polished paper-style shooter :) 9/10
Paper Warfare

70. Battle of Britain Epic music, very nice overall look and those heroic moustaches :) I wish I have ones too =) 10/10
Battle of Britain

70. Totally Odd Awesome plasticine game reminds me good old Neverhood :) 10/10
Totally Odd

69. Morplee No time to explain, solve all the puzzles! 10/10

68. Nob War The Elves Another battle game that has some style, interesting gear to upgrade and nice colouring. 10/10
Nob War The Elves

67. Truck Loader 4 Well this is classic and requires no explanation. If you like this loading game - come check the previous parts. 10/10
Truck Loader 4

66. Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0 About time for Mario to get some help! :) Personally I prefer to solve all problems with Contra style :D 10/10
Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0

65. Neon Race 2 This is my favourite flash racer. I just can't choose which part is better :) 10/10
Neon Race 2

64. Space is Key I'm warning you - you'll need lots of patience for this game... and maybe another keyboard :) 10/10
Space is Key

63. Zyl Put that ball down. Pretty easy, huh? Well that just looks easy :) Basically you need to wait a lot :D 9/10

62. Bad Birds The idea of this game and realization are priceless! Hilarious :D 10/10
Bad Birds

61. King of Sweden 2 I really enjoy when games created with unique and unusual look. King of Sweden is a good example. 9.7/10
King of Sweden 2

60. Loondon Just like igo25 correctly mentioned in the comments - this game is more story than a game. And a really interesting story. 10/10

59. Portal 2D is a high quality flash implementation of the well known best seller. 10/10
Portal 2D

58. Droid Land Usually you need to pay for the games with such a great art. 10/10
Droid Land

57. -Blind- Really entertaining sonar game! Dark and moody, builds a cool atmosphere. 10/10

56. Pixlander 2: Infinilander I like those video effects added to the exhaust and explosion. 9.5/10
Pixlander 2: Infinilander

55. Wooden Rolls Deciding from this game's rate lots of players like to roll stuff around :D 10/10
Wooden Rolls

54. ImmorTall Great realisation and story. After you finished it you're like :'-\ 9.7/10

53. Aurum Minimalistic yet extremely addicting puzzle platformer. 10/10

52. Sports Heads Football Champ At first it might be difficult and you think those rival football heads are to good to compete with, but believe me, it gets easier :) 10/10
Sports Heads Football Champ

51. Transylvania Strange things happening to potatoes these days :D One of my most favourite adventures :) 10/10

50. Big-Time Butter Baron You think it's impossible to make something new and interesting to classic games like Tetris? I thought so too 'till I tried this awesome game. 10/10
Big-Time Butter Baron

49. Ricochet Kills 2 This became classic. Nothing to add really. 9/10
Ricochet Kills 2

48. Jacksmith I wish all games were made with such a precision and detail! 10/10

47. NerveJangla Stop your guessing - it's a brother game of Binga :) 10/10

46. Flood Runner Armageddon And another runner that became classic. It was in the previous Top100 by the way :) Some things are never get old :) 10/10
Flood Runner Armageddon

45. Wheelbox: The Fallen Star I like the world of this game and this Wheelbox :) 10/10
Wheelbox: The Fallen Star

44. DuBlox Nice and polished 3D puzzle game, quite unusual. 9.8/10

43. Bad Ice Cream One of my favourite games from Nitrome. I made it to the very end (and very proud of it) :D 9.5/10
Bad Ice Cream

42. Solarmax This games rating is beyond my imagination - almost 21000 0_0 10/10

41. Silly Sausage Classic Snake is boring! But this funny doggy makes it all interesting again :) 9.5/10
Silly Sausage

40. Pirateers! I hope this game will be interesting to all just like it was to me. Very easy and entertaining. 10/10

39. And Everything Started to Fall Tiny game with great philosophical potential. 9.5/10
And Everything Started to Fall

38. Hungry Sumo Nom-nom-nom XD Those sumo guys are hilarious :D 9.3/10
Hungry Sumo

37. FPA: World 3 This game was a real discovery for me. I like all the parts, but this is my favourite. Very funny story and characters :) 9.5/10
FPA: World 3

36. SAS: Zombie Assault 3 I think this part is the best from SAS: Zombie Assault series that became classic. 10/10
SAS: Zombie Assault 3

35. A House in California While playing this game you suddenly might feel yourself warm and calm. Interesting puzzle game. 10/10
A House in California

34. Billy's Hill Very nice and warm game. I don't believe this monster can do any harm ^_^ 9.5/10
Billy's Hill

33. Steamlands Steam-punk tanks from Nitrome. One of my most favourite games :) 9.7/10

32. Fault Line Original gameplay in this high-rated game that was also present in the previous Top100. 10/10
Fault Line

31. Gen Interesting realisation of bio-design in the puzzle game. 9.8/10

30. Anyway Fish This is my own "Most addicting time-waster ever" award :) I really couldn't stop playing this :) Must resist again... 10/10
Anyway Fish

29. Reprisal Very interesting strategy game with unique look and gameplay. Truly enjoyed it to the very end. 10/10

28. It's nice when you can combine playing and learning something ;) 10/10
Short History of the World

27. Recursion Fun LED-screen like look and interesting world. 10/10

26. Experiment 17 This high-rated game appears to be the Snake implementation. Nah... boring stuff ;) 10/10
Experiment 17

25. Baltar Awesome game and another world is all I can say. Very-very well made! 10/10

24. Nano Tank The graphics here are really something else, all those particles and explosions. And the camera shake! 10/10
Nano Tank

23. 10 Gnomes Finally! My favourite point and clicker! :) This game series (15 parts in total) are putting me in some mesmerized state. Very atmospheric games. Try them all! 10/10
10 Gnomes

22. Aether Extraordinary and existential puzzle game. The puzzles are very unusual and different. You'll feel yourself different at the end... 10/10

21. Infectonator Usually you fight zombies, but not this time :) The more people you infect - the better :) Just stay at home when you sick for real ;) 10/10

20. Liquid Measure 2 Great idea and excellent polished implementation of puzzle game! 10/10
Liquid Measure 2

19. Cave Chaos And one of the coolest runners ever made :) 10/10
Cave Chaos

18. Agent Turnright 2 Incredibly fun action game with unique levels. The idea is priceless :) 10/10
Agent Turnright 2

17. Aurora 2 What I really like in this game is the art. It's very well drawn. 10/10
Aurora 2

16. Insidia The overall look reminds me the "Samurai Jack" cartoon. Very fun to play. Nice graphics. 9.5/10

15. sugar, sugar Great idea, great game, great social media work :) 9/10
sugar, sugar

14. Mirror Runners Strong puzzle game idea. Made a real hype back in those days (almost 28000 views) 9.7/10
Mirror Runners

13. Obey The Game We all do :D Why shouldn't you? ;) 10/10
Obey The Game

12. Warbears Police officer: "We tried nothing and that didn't work" XDDDD Priceless XD Believe me, this and "Cuboy Cubeture II" are the most hilarious games you ever played! 10/10

11. DayMare Town This game doesn't need any description. It's created by Mateusz Skutnik and that's all you need to know B-) 9.5/10
DayMare Town

10. Tower of Heaven It's not a standard boring old-school-like tiny platformer. This game has some rules you should remember. And a cool story at the end. 10/10
Tower of Heaven

9. I saw her standing there Game that proves that zombies have feelings too :D And no, it's not sad, the story is simply hilarious, you just need to be optimistic ;) 10/10
I saw her standing there

8. Cuboy Cubeture II So, here it is - the funniest game I've played so far. You should just try it. 10/10
Cuboy Cubeture II

7. Time Fcuk Truly an outstanding game, with unusual story and gameplay. It became an icon of multidimensional games. Still gives me shivers (because I got to the end and know the truth). 10/10
Time Fcuk

6. Little Wheel I don't know who on Earth could rate this great game with "9"! It's completely perfect! But the story is quite short :( 9.3/10
Little Wheel

5. Wonderputt I can't describe how I like everything in this game. It's simply brilliant! 10/10

4. Rubble Trouble And another hit from Nitrome. What can be better than a mix of destroying buildings and funny jokes? 10/10
Rubble Trouble

3. Covert Front The best story created by Mateusz Skutnik so far. To tell the truth I played this series lots of times. It gives me inspiration. Check all 4 episodes. 10/10
Covert Front

2. Icycle When somebody asks me what flash game to play I always recommend to try Icycle. It's simply the best game: it has perfectly drawn graphics, interesting story and incredibly fun gameplay. 10/10

1. Every Day The Same Dream I know some may disagree with the decision of placing this game to the 1st place. But here's what I can say: this is the most philosophical game I played so far. It makes you think about your existence and life. Needless to say it is perfectly made. If you didn't played it yet - try it, you might change your mind about certain things... 10/10
Every Day The Same Dream

You are welcome to upload Your games, so they can appear on top next week and next year. Any feedback is appreciated!

I hope you enjoyed this Top100 just like I did. It was really interesting to play all these games. It's fun how in the process I suddenly started recalling some good old memories :)

Thanks for making and publishing games, reading and playing. Thanks for e-mails and uploads.

Stay tuned, play more, have a nice week and Year! :)


  1. Why did the list end up so different from last year? Is it because the editor has changed? Since this is probably something you'll be doing next year(s) too, it would nice if you did some comparisons between the lists and maybe explain some of the differences. To avoid confusion, it would also be nice if you explained how the ratings of the games don't really follow the order of the games in the list.

    As for the list, I'm happy to see fault line at a higher position than in the previous list. The Icycle game was also really fun: it has an excellent atmosphere and it works surprisingly well even as a hiscore challenge.

  2. Hi there! 1. We will make more formal charting next year for sure; 2. We will ask community before publishing in a month or so to suggest their games and give their votes even more weight, please stay active; 3. Games on higher positions are different from prev year on editor choice: most played and top rated are nearly the same as prev year, so Obey The Game would be the first again and it's not to interesting, so those games were ranked lower a bit. Thanks again for the feedback and pleased that our work is being analyzed :)

  3. A very good list, not the usual games, I like it very much. Looking forward to the next one!

  4. Thanks Martin, the next one going to be pretty soon to the 3rd anniversary of our portal 2013.11.18 :)

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  7. there's nothing philosophical about Every Day The Same Dream, if that crappy flash game made you think-----when then hell, you need to read a book. It was a dull unthoughtful, cliche game, with no message or point, not fun and no art. What 's profound about it? oh yea, hey everyone don't be a consumer sheep 9-5 every day buy a house have mortgage blah blah blah, everyone already knows they don't want to be identical cubical robots, stupid obvious message, horrible game.

    1. Hi, thanks for feedback and emotional attitude. About books You are 100% right, About a game I'm not too big fan of it, it was our previous editor choice. Game is controversial and make people respond to their 9x5 job and dream about something bigger, so that's why it's just popular, cliché and pop culture :) Also difference about good and successful game is a long story. Thanks for Your opinion once again, have an amazing day, week and New Year ahead of You :)

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    1. Thanks for suggestion, the game is good, we'll consider to add it to the list this year, to be sure not to forget please submit it here http://eplusgames.net/games/upload and Sunny Sunday :)

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