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Thursday, December 24, 2015

[#games] Best of 2015 #PC #mobile #edition

This Year of 2015 I've played mostly on my laptop Lenovo Flex 2 14. It's still a PC and it's mobile and powerful enough to play on the go.

Definitely the list would be completely different if I had more time to play on my fast gaming PC with GTX 770, i5, SSD and a lot of memory :)

By the system requirements Mortal Combat X, Arma 3 and GTA V haven't been shortlisted and CoD Back Ops 3 hasn't been even bought after trying the beta's performance :)

So here comes PC mobile games top of the Year 2015 as usually of my choice. In addition either It's me getting older or/and it's just a time to legendary games and genres to get back to trend again soon :)

5. Carmageddon Reincarnation  - it was winter of 1997 when I've got my first gaming PC Pentium 200 MMX with Riva 128. I've met original Carmageddon. It was still targeted to 3Dfx Voodoo accelerators and era of GPU already began with NVidia and others. The game worked smoothly in 640x480 resolution and was impressive at all.

The original game was brutal, cynic and true hardcore. The new one looks like keeping the traditions, it's hard and time consuming. I've bought it as Early Access Game and it was already good looking and smoothly playable.

I like this new era when games under heavy development work better than released ones years ago :)

4. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - I can't imagine better enemies than zombie-nazis %) It's good sharp pretty hard FPS game. It's kind of short and still worth it's money.

3. Descent Underground Early Access Game - another legend reincarnation. Descent 2 game was one of the best favorites ever. It was unique and it's unique still: real 3D navigation seems not to suitable for players nowadays %) Today it would be considered of MOBA genre I guess :P

I've played for a while. It's taken me ~40 minutes to remember how to fly those drones %) Once again the version is 0.2 and it's already amazingly cool :)

Descent 2 with VX-1 Virtual Reality helmet and six axis controllers was impressive. Hope Descent Underground going to be finalized soon, released and playable with Oculus Touch for example.I'm even ready to contribute ;)

2. Battlefield Hardline - first of all the game is absolutely playable on low specs hardware :) It utilizes full charge of my laptop battery in approximately 20 minutes %)

It close to TV series: I was watching 5+ min animated story before first episode level begins. There are previous and next in game story clips and so on. A lot of from Need for Speed series in this part of the Battlefield.

I've written separate article starting from with [PC] Battlefield Hardline #game #review playing beta version and multiplayer part of the game :)

1. Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions - it's challenging! It's not frustrating like lots of hard games all around. It's balanced the way that You are close to win but still only close :) I'm playing for nearly a Year and the 50th level of 55 for several month now. You must be really skilled to get through not by chance. I like this proper console/arcade style hardcore game design and implementation :)

The game is tiny, system requirements are very low and graphics are beautiful with the strict beauty of math. I love it. Definitely It's the game of the Year for me!

+ It's the firth Year review in the row, so now I'll gather best ever PC games so far list ;)

++ Work less, play more, have an amazing New Year ahead of You :)