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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

[PC] Battlefield Hardline #game #review

I have no time to write reviews and finish to play a game once per several months. So I've got seven items in my to review list and I decided to use it as a stack. This way today is the review for Battlefield Hardline that I've finished to play several days ago :)

First of all I want to highlight that campaign becomes like a TV series. There are teasers after episodes and review of the previous episodes before. Several Years ago I've noticed that the part of Call of Duty or Battlefield looks like movie and now games evolution goes even further :)

I was driven in the car for about 5 minutes listening to story conversation before the game begins for real.

The game runs surprisingly pretty smooth on my new Laptop Lenovo Flex 2 14 and eats ate battery in a hour or so and it's cool anyway I guess :)

The game is pretty hard on normal setting and I had to find proper tactics like sneaking or kill'em all in different situations.

Also the music selection, quality and environmental sound are amazing.

Game has part of NFS visual style and I can say that it's great BF + NFS mix.

I like the idea how to add tanks, helicopters and navy planes to police game. It's done and it's natural :)

Finding the evidence with scanner was nice idea and too time utilizing that I've given up and finished only one of cases. Voice reading of the evidence found is a good update for game mechanics too :)

Also surprising and I made stealth walkthroug of the last series. It was hard to battle and it was good walk around. Well done :)

I've played multilayer while beta period and it has some innovative modes. It can it all the time, so I haven't played multilayer more.

The game is solid and I can recommend in for sure 9/10.

Welcome to get the game @ Amazon:

+ CoD:AW is the next in review Stack
++ #Nowplaying GTA 5

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