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Monday, November 18, 2013

Top online games best ever so far (Year 3)

Today our portal e+Games is 3 year old according to date added to our studio portfolio. Happy Birthday to e+Games!

We've had already 130 weekly game charts and today is selection of the winners earlier published first and later published last. It was lots of changes in editors staff, game technologies and portal CMS software code and so on:

  • We've changed negative #trend with #flash #games and started with #mobile #reviews, #HTML5/#JS, #Unity and larger #browser #games in iframe
  • We've lost two editors and found Tanya as editor and #sociamedia specialist this year, she Rocks, You know :)
  • We've made a lot of #socilamedia and #blog automation and tweaks with custom scripts, tools and paid software like Socialbro and HootSuite
So  I can say for sure we are growing and evolving :)

Some stats for three years online:
  1. Visits: 599,732 (138,836 a Year, +23 %)
  2. Unique Visitors: 404,114
  3. Pageviews: site 964,174 and blog 155,122 - we've made our first Million of Pageviews :) (430,156
     a Year, +38 %)
  4. Games: 7380 (2204 a Year,  +30 %)
  5. Disk space: 24 GB (8 a Year, +33 %)
  6. Tags: 8954
  7. Users: 409 (147 a Year,  +35 %)
  8. Comments: 2948
  9. Votes: 8513
  10. My game uploads 2639 (35% of all), comments 1673 (56% of all)
  11. Alexa: 156,777 (~300000 last Year and ~100000 a Year before) 

If anybody interested will share more numbers. Previous top #online #games charts to compare numbers are here Top 100 flash games best ever so far (Year 2) and here Top 100 flash games best ever so far Year 1.

1. Tunnel Panic - One of the best ever one button #reflex #skill games so far :) #game 9.4/10
Tunnel Panic

2. Homerun in Berzerk Land - Wow! The best game ever! Waiting so much for second part! 10/10
Homerun in Berzerk Land

3. SAS: Zombie Assault 2 - Insane - "SAS: Zombie Assault 2 - Insane Asylum" - title is longer then our allowed 90 characters, so had to shorten it a bit %) Great next chapter for one the best favourite zombie shooter #game series ^)  10/10
SAS: Zombie Assault 2 - Insane

4. Cursed Treasure: Level Pack! - Wow! Time killer #game strikes again ;) 10/10
Cursed Treasure: Level Pack!

5. Liquid Measure 2 - Great idea and excellent polished implementation of puzzle #game ^) 9/10
Liquid Measure 2

6. Armed with Wings 3 - Legendary #game, remember it from FGL 10/10, pleased to see it at our portal ^) 10/10
Armed with Wings 3

7. Ghost Flight - I like one button tunnel games, multiplayer extension of classic gameplay is a great idea as for me ^) 9/10
Ghost Flight

8. Cyber Sprint - I love simple and addicting reaction based games like this ^) #flashgame 9.7/10
Cyber Sprint

9. NerveJangla - This #game makes me insane! Don't even try it ;) 10/10

10. Short History of the World - The game is excellent: idea, graphics style and gameplay of minigames set ^) 10/10
Short History of the World

11. BoomsticK - Statistic  says that shotgun is gamers' favorite weapon - this game is one of proofs ^) #flashgame 10/10

12. Nano Tank - Another one rushy geometrical arena shooter #game that I love to play ^) 10/10

13. The Railway Robots Road Trip - Excellent setting for the traffic management #game ^)

14. Gap Monsters - Excellent innovative gameplay in this puzzle game, also I like minimalistic colors scheme and characters design ^) 10/10

15. The I of it - Excellent game! I wish to play more games like this ^) 10/10

16. Icepunk - Excellent idea and great implementation! I just love this game ^) 10/10

 17. Truck Rush Seasons - Great addicting one button gameplay ^) 10/10              

18. Protector: Reclaiming the Throne - I've missed this excellent tower defense game somehow - just great ^) 9/10

19.Port Pilot - I love traffic management games, interesting idea, nice visuals - just great ^) 10/10

20.JamHunt - Too addicting time killer game, don't even try it ^) 9/10

 21. UFO Terminator by foggames - Nice cartoon style graphics, funny shooter game ^) 10/10

22. Bob the Robber - I like polished levels and characters design, very nice graphics, strong platformer game ^) 23 points (87% like it) at reddit one of the best results for the web game I've seen. 10/10

23. Droplem - Great slicer game. A lot of ideas.10/10

24. Think Tanks - Great hardcore tank shooter game. Too addicting forced myself to stop in a hour on 10th level. Thanks Ian from FOG for the upload. 10/10

25. Laser Sokoban - Pretty easy to start as for sokoban like #puzzle 10/10

26. Slip 'n Slide - I like graphics style and color scheme in this classic #puzzle #game 10/10
Slip 'n Slide

27. Buggle Stars - Interesting speedy skill platformer #game 10/10
Buggle Stars

28.Light-Bot 2.0 - One of the best games for programmers I've ever played. My publish list is empty - one game on it doesn't count. Going to search favorite studios and developers portfolios for new and missed ;) Please help me with Your e-mails and uploads. Thanks in advance! 10/10
Light-Bot 2.0

29. Pursuit of hat - This is amazing #platform! And very funny!!! 10/10
Pursuit of hat

30.New Technology: 3D Alien Escape (Molehill) - Finally! It's time to hardware accelerated 3D games for Flash Player 11. Rather slow and simple but here and now :) Had to tune site code a little bit: wmode set to GPU. The future is now ^) 10/10
3D Alien Escape (Molehill)

31. Monsters in Bunnyland - Interesting color solution and funny character design in this platformer #flashgame. 10/10
Monsters in Bunnyland

32. Clayzy Platforms - I can't tell is it real clay or 3D but like the work very much 10/10
Clayzy Platforms

33.5 Shameless clone - The game is completely crazy! :) 10/10
Shameless clone

34.Cave Dudes - Fun #puzzle #platform. Nice graphics 9/10
Cave Dudes

35.Beetles - Excellent! New casual matching gameplay mechanics :) Great direct uploads today ^) 10/10

36. William and Sly 2 - Very peaceful #adventure #game!!! The artwork is unbelievable! 10/10
William and Sly 2

37. Kingdom Rush - I love this #strategy #game! Awesome animations and concept!!! 10/10

Kingdom Rush

38. Making Monkeys - Fantastic #platform #game! Funny animation! Great idea!!! 10/10
Making Monkeys

39. Musaic Box - I love classic music! Amazing #puzzle game!!! Great concept of mixing music and blocks. 10/10
Musaic Box

40. Kart Fighter - This game is the perfect racer for me, it's good fun and easy to play. 10/10
Kart Fighter

41. Crates And Devils... what they have in common? Nothing :) Just a very simple yet fun game to play. 10/10
Crates And Devils

42. Immortal Souls Dark Crusade I wish all flash games were well made like this one. It's a complicated game with many levels, story behind them and excellent art. 10/10
Immortal Souls Dark Crusade

43. Orbital Guard Survival The graphics in this defence game are extremely well made. And the gameplay is very fun. Try it! 10/10
Orbital Guard Survival

44. Sky Defender: Joe's Story Fun and interesting game to play and the story behind it. 10/10
Sky Defender: Joe's Story

45. Killbot! It was really simple to choose this week's Top 10 winner: Killbot! Because it's simply a great game! Cool drawn, nice music and gameplay with funny story. 10/10

46. Warbears I can't describe how fun and cheerful this game is. You need to try it. The dialogues are priceless :) This is not a Top of the Week, this is Top of the Month game! 10/10

47. Cuboy Cubeture II I almost missed this game and it would have been a huge mistake! It's so fun I can't describe it :D 10/10
Cuboy Cubeture II

48. Wooden Rolls Interesting how this puzzling-mechanics game got so popular this week. And everybody's like "they see me rollin'... they hatin'..." XD 10/10
Wooden Rolls

49. znRevolutions Sometimes to make a Top 10 game you just need to create something new. This one is a good example how the small experiment ends up being a beautiful and quite unusual game. 10/10

50. Every Day The Same Dream
I am very impressed with this game. Actually I can't find proper words to describe how good this game is. You should try it and see for yourself. 10/10
Every Day The Same Dream

51. Straw Hat Samurai 2 I like the way this sequel's drawn, reminds me of Samurai Jack. If you like it, here's the first part. 9.5/10
Straw Hat Samurai 2

52. Aether Beautiful, fun and deep game. The puzzles are just a bit unusual, but I'm sure you'll figure it out. 10/10

53. FPA: World 3 Let's get back from those dark and sad games. The first place belongs to a really bright and fun game. What I like about this game is a very dynamic gameplay and fun story :) 9.5/10
FPA: World 3

54. I saw her standing there This game looks very simple, in fact it is. But the story is so fun, romantic and a bit unusual in the same time. I told you that zombies have feelings too and now you have the proof :) 10/10
I saw her standing there

55. Swindler Guys from Nitrome are here to impress us one more time with the giddy gameplay :) Like this game very much. 10/10

56. BasketBalls Level Pack Well built and improved gameplay and music. I almost missed my lunch because of this damn thing :) 10/10
BasketBalls Level Pack

57. Ricochet Kills 3 You know this one. Of course you do... You've played 1st and 2nd parts and now here's the 3rd. Nothing to explain really :) 10/10
Ricochet Kills 3

58. Totem Destroyer 2 This well avowed game earned lots of top points everywhere. Now it got to our Top 10 :) I don't know why it's so popular, because there's lots of similar games around :) 10/10
Totem Destroyer 2

59. Reprisal Without any exaggeration this one can be called a pixel-art masterpiece. If you like pixel-art you'll surely stuck on this for hours, just like I did :) 10/10

60. Covert Front I must admit these 4 parts are not for everybody. But those who love quests will play through all 4 parts. I'm sure about that! 10/10
Covert Front

61. Quake Ahhh, it's like meeting the old friend... :) What a nice thing to play a port of the cool old legend. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, behold - its mightiness the Quake! :) 10/10

62. miniPassage Wow, this tiny running platformer caught your attention this week. And with this it earned the first place in the Top 10. Fair enough. 10/10

63. 10 Gnomes Some might say the gameplay is too simple or it's too bizarre. But this game series held me during the whole week in some mesmerizing state. Maybe it's because I like strange places and this another world with small spots hidden from everybody's eyes. If you like the first part, come check the other 14 (!) parts. 10/10
10 Gnomes

64. Bears Love Cakes Perfect realization of the cool idea. There are some other games like this, but this one grabs you for hours! 10/10
Bears Love Cakes

65. Droid Land Usually you need to pay for games like this. But this one is free 0_o Very nice art and story! 10/10
Droid Land

66. The Paint Gunner I like this game because of the fun story and the idea taken from the Portal 2 with those gels. Cool :) 10/10
The Paint Gunner

67. 60 seconds Burger Run What can I say (?) it's just a 5 minutes break game. But a really good one! 10/10
60 seconds Burger Run

68. Super Adventure Pals I really enjoyed this one. You know the times when you realise that the game is made by a professional who brings the true knowledge and passion into creating. Well this is it. All these details, mechanics, characters types and etc. are making this game a true #1. 10/10
Super Adventure Pals

69. Cargo Bridge 2 Funny and addicting bridge construction and testing game. Yep, we do have games like this too :) 10/10
Cargo Bridge 2

70. Cubefield This game might has primitive 3D graphics and only thing you need to do is to fly and avoid cubes, but it's extremely addictive! Try it! 10/10

71. Decision Extremely entertaining zombie-shooting game. Well made, especially the additional animation. If you like it - try the second part. 10/10

72. Blackwood Prologue Usually games like this are full of clichés... Well, I won't lie to you, this one is not an exception. But it's made out very well. All this colours, nicely drawn textures and sites. Amusing music. So in conclusion it's worth playing and surely worth the 1st place in this week's Top 10. 10/10
Blackwood Prologue

73. Infectonator 2 When I first tried this game I thought "damn! why nobody made a game like this before". I mean we always play against zombies. And here you need to infect other people :D That's really something new :) 10/10
Infectonator 2

74. Closure. This creepy game got me some how. The sounds remind me the scary Silent Hill stuff. I hope hell doesn't look like this :) 10/10

75. Contre Jour Usualy you need to pay to play games like this :) But now you can enjoy this multi-award winning game for free! 10/10
Contre Jour

76. 4 Differences I had to play lots of pretty bad find-a-difference games last weeks and got pretty bored with them. So when I spotted this one I thought it's another boring difference game. I was surprised of how wrong I was... This is extremely addicting and fun trilogy. So if you like the 1st part come try 5 Differences and 6 Differences (our 5000 game, by the way ;) 10/10
4 Differences

77. Portal 2D We must save that sandwich!!!!!111111 Sorry... :) Nice 2D Portal fan game. Actually, Portal games are the lossless option for any developer. 10/10
Portal 2D

78. Flightless Finally the time has come and I can say: "Another great addition from Nitrome" :) Welcome! (I hope from now on I'll have a reasons to say it often ;) 10/10

79. Kveendolnitza Hard to pronounce this name :) The gameplay is much easier :) Fun adventure of this little... ehm... Kvendoln... creature :) 9.5/10

80. Evilgeddon Spooky Max Very fun and addicting defence monster shooter :) But it might take time before you're upgraded enough to start kicking some monster's ass >:D 10/10
Evilgeddon Spooky Max

81. K.O.L.M. I suddenly found out that we didn't have this game 0_0 And this is absolutely my fault... So, here it is. No need to explain I just might add that this is one of the best platformers. 10/10

82. Steampunk Odyssey Absolutely amazing game! So nice and interesting. Enjoyed it 'till the very end. 10/10
Steampunk Odyssey

83. Air hockey tournament Wow, when I finished playing this game I realized I wasted about an hour on it... So be careful, it's quite addicting if you like air hockey. And the AI won't let you relax. 10/10
Air hockey tournament

84. Solipskier Oh I played this during whole week. This pacing game might look simple (in fact it is :) but very well made and fun to play! Polished music and rock graphics :) 10/10

85. DuoTasking Interesting and fresh idea. And I like that simple but polished look =) 10/10

86. Monster Bark What an awesome game! Cool polished graphics and very nice music. Wow, I'm stunned! Best game I've played this year :D 10/10
Monster Bark

87. Traffic Mania Awesome traffic-management game! Got me for hours *_* 10/10
Traffic Mania

88. Symon This game is so mesmerizing, just like the "Every day the same dream". Graphics and music are beyond words like "perfect". 10/10

89. Wilt: Last Blossom Call me a grandpa but I love this true oldschool game! :D The graphics, the story, that music! Perfect! 10/10
Wilt: Last Blossom

90. Fat The design here is simple but in the same time is brilliant. Simply awesome. 10/10
91. TU-46 I played this game through all week. Learned all its mechanics and proudly considering myself an ace now B-) 10/10

92. Outpost:Haven This is the best flash shooter I've ever played! The graphics, lighting and sound are awesome! I almost flinched when the aliens attacked :D The only minor thing (but it's minor! :) is the very few kinds of enemies. 15/10 ;)

93. Aurora Yes, this game is old. And all this time I was completely sure that we have it, but I was wrong :( So consider this as a good opportunity to enjoy the real masterpiece from Mateusz Skutnik once again :) 10/10

94. Suddenly Zombies I truly enjoy the quality of games like this one. Graphics and gameplay are perfect. But you need to be quick... :) 9.5/10
Suddenly Zombies

95. Pixelknight II On the other hand this knight seems not that lonely. So you can help him in whatever he's up to in this not so long platformer :) 9/10
Pixelknight II

96. Give Up Don't even think to do that. This game is called to brake you, but I have a faith in you B-) 10/10
Give Up

97. Gretel and Hansel We have a true masterpiece on the first place this week. I was really amazed with the paintings and graphics. Not just that but also a really interesting pointing and clicking adventure. Of course it's a bit dark and slightly violent, but after all it's a Grimm brothers tale, it's supposed to be like that. If you like it, here's the 2nd part. 10/10
Gretel and Hansel

98. Searching for the Elephant Cool and contrast quest. The characters are toy-like, but that black and white gloomy look means serious business. 9.5/10
Searching for the Elephant

99. The Scene of the Crime Awesome noir-styled point and click detective game from Mateusz Skutnik. If you like it, check another part: "Golden Doll". More of this are still to come next week. 10/10
The Scene of the Crime

100. Pulls Track HD This well known game has finally gotten to app-stores. So be sure to check it out! 10/10
Pulls Track HD

101. Goodgame Empire Despite I'm not really into medieval strategy games, I must admit this one is really really good. Lot's of options and details, epic music, nice art. Pure pleasure to play. 9.7/10
Goodgame Empire

102. Quantum Corps Retro future %) Good runaway #shooter #game with alternative physics :) 9/10
Quantum Corps

103. Morbid Grunge horror at its best! Yes, Pastel Games can create that too :) 10/10
Quantum Corps

104. Back2Back: Commander Precisely done and nice polished turn based strategy shooter game :) 10/10
Back2Back: Commander

105.Stockholm - This game combines lots of classic ones. Design reminds me the "Space is key", those ghosts, gameplay itself and many many more :) 10/10

106.Assembots - is very much like Bad Birds, almost as funny and double as complicated :) That robot-dance is something that worth playing anyway :D 9.5/10

107.The Scale of the Universe 2 - But the first place goes to the game you probably well heard of :) All improved they said, 100 more objects :) 10/10
The Scale of the Universe 2

108. Lazerman - Very dynamic and well polished action game. You simply bounce and destroy everything in you way. What more could you need for quality time-wasting? :D And the music is so nice I listen to it right now :) 10/10

109. Bob the Robber 2 - So I guess this is Bob the builder's evil twin brother :D Awesome flash stealth action :) 9.5/10
Bob the Robber 2

110. Daymare Cat - I just love the art and atmo of daymare games. And Mateusz Skutnik really is the best in this genre. 10/10
Daymare Cat

111. The Last Door - Chapter 1 - This game started as an idea at Kickstarter now evolved in to exciting pixel-art horror series just like Poe and Lovecraft legacy. Beyond 10/10
The Last Door - Chapter 1

112. Motorjoust - Excitebike's knightly reincarnation :) And it's awesome as could be :) Really unexpected and fun. 10/10

113. The Peacekeeper - Hilarious. Perfectly made. Try it. 10/10
The Peacekeeper

114.Zombotron 2 - Awesome shooter with perfect graphics! I hope Zombotron 3 is on its way. 10/10
Zombotron 2

115.... :D - Simply awesome minimalistic skill game! 10/10
... :D

116. Arcane Weapon - I like those new age fightings very much, well done :) #fighting #game 10/10
Arcane Weapon

117. Football 5s 3D - Very high level of production as for free web #game :) #unity3d #sport #footbal 10/10
Football 5s 3D

118. Cobra Striker - High level of production as for free web game. I've spent a hundreds of hours with games like this on old PCs :) #unity3D #shooter 10/10
Cobra Striker

119. Cube Boy Run - Great runner and ability to turn makes completely new gameplay :) 10/10
Cube Boy Run

120. Battalion Commander - Excellent vertical scroll shooter, Iriy Soft Rocks! :)10/10
Battalion Commander

121. Modern Fashion Salons - Respect: if You really want, You can make perfect and innovative game of any genre ;) 10/10
Modern Fashion Salons

122. Cursed Treasure 2 - I've spent with the first part nearly a month, the most addicting game of 2010, don't even try it :P 10/10
Cursed Treasure 2

123. Enhanced! - Cool, haven't seen such a good platform #shooter #action for ages and great #artwork :) 10/10

125,126,127. Cyber Chaser - Finally I'm back to posting games: What a rush and mess, I haven't seen such runner/shooter #game for ages :) 10 /10
Cyber Chaser

128. Chainsaw Slasher - Cute graphics and strong rushy defense gameplay :) #zombie #slasher 10/10
Chainsaw Slasher

129. LoadShifter - Weird idea and very nice implementation :) #skill #game10/10

130.Hippo the Brave Knight - Just amazing old school style point and click quest game :) 10.0 / 10
Hippo the Brave Knight

You are welcome to upload Your games, so they can appear on top next week and next year. Any feedback is appreciated!

I hope you enjoyed our list just like I did. It was really interesting to play the games I've played, pity I can't play every now :)

Thanks for making, publishing and playing games. Thanks for e-mails and uploads.

Stay tuned, play more, have a nice week and Year! :)


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