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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Virtual Reality Tips for Engineers and Developers

Virtual Reality is trending recently and there is a lot of info all over the web about it naturally. The articles are divided into two categories mostly scientific/engineering docs at Oculus, Unity, UnrealEngine, Samsung GearVR and Google Cardboard or developers/studious postmortems like it was hard and we found the way: How devs deal with 4 problem areas in VR game design, Making Great VR: Six Lessons Learned From I Expect You To Die or like it’s going to be cool when proper: Game UI Discoveries: What Players Want. Also I’ve found good practical book Learning Virtual Reality by Tony Parisi and I’m sure It must be more. But mostly it’s still theoretical info.
I was working on VR R&D projects for last several month. We’ve made demos for Oculus Rift on PC, Google Cardboard on iOS and Samsung GearVR on Android with Unity C# and Unreal Engine C++ for Oculus Rift and worked on kind of AAA game. The article is going to be pretty twisted in the best R&D traditions. I’ve parsed tons of info mentioned above, found a lot of practical useful info and tips in tutorials, answers, forums, blogs and so on and going to gather it here and share. Info is recollected from my work_done and to_read lists, so I guess nothing is going to be missed.