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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Top 100 flash games best ever so far

Today our portal e+Games is 1 year old according to date added to our studio portfolio. Happy Birthday to e+Games!

Instead of weekly flash game top week 30 to portals one year it's going to be our top 100 flash games selection best ever so far. The selection is containing most played, top rated, community suggestions (pity not too many) and editor choice nominations.

I've posted 5 games a day every working for a year and today is day off, today is a day of previous year results ^)

We've played tons of games (don't know exactly how much), gathered more than 2300 games and sharing the impressions. It's natural that not every game appears on the list and to be as much as possible objective we've invited everybody to suggest and vote.

Some stats for one Year online:
1. Visits: 355,000
2. Pageviews: 485,000
3. Games: 2300
4. Disk space: 7 GB
5. Tags: 4400
6. Users: 140
7. Comments: 1800
8. Votes: 2900
9. Games uploaded by our team: 1900 (~80% of all, received by email: ~30% of them)
10. If anybody interested will share more numbers.

Games selected, moderated and published by and - portal server side programmer, igo25 - portals editor and 7a (me)- R&D, game developer and social media specialist.

From the selection were skiped:
1. Excellent games like Tesla Death Ray by NSBrotherhood - we don't have budget for site-lock and sponsorship yet.
2. Brilliant games like Robokill 2 by Rock Solid Arcade - games made for sale and not in free distribution.
3. The game we made by ourselves.
Selection's one part made of top rated and most played formally and the other part of suggestions and editor's favorites is more based on personal flavors.

Top 100 flash games best ever so far list:

100. Mir & Ror - Very nice polished puzzle game ^) 9/10 [community choice by sabatino]
Mir & Ror

99. Pixel Legions - Addictting game! 9/10
Pixel Legions

98. Delivery Man - Fast racing, speedy music, strong graphics style and great action shooter gameplay as always from BerzerkStudio. Just great! 10/10
Delivery Man

97. The Worlds Hardest Game - Pretty hard ^) Even the first level is challenging, passed with nearly half a hundred attempts %) 10/10
The Worlds Hardest Game

96. Mirror Runners - Strong #puzzle #game idea. Today's top #webgame @reddit + Use down arrow to activate goal. 10/10
Mirror Runners

95. IncrediBots - Legendary game. First of It's kind as far as I know. Excellent physics simulation puzzle. 10/10

94. All we need is Brain 2 - Funny title, idea and characters design, something new in zombie games. 10/10
All we need is Brain 2

93. Bob the Robber - I like polished levels and characters design, very nice graphics, strong platformer game ^) 10/10
Bob the Robber

92. Dirk Valentine - Excellent visual solution, great platformer game ^) 10/10
Dirk Valentine

91. GYro Ball - Balancing skill games makes me feel insane but I can't stop playing them ^) 10/10
GYro Ball

90. Color Tangle - It's quite natural for the wires to tangle: try to solve this puzzle ^) 10/10
Color Tangle

89. Four Second Fury - Insane speed set of microgames, could stop playing ^) 10/10
Four Second Fury

88. Notebook Drift - Very nice driving game, reminds me of Micro Machines ^) 10/10
Notebook Drift

87. Rolling Hero 3 - This game make me feel dizzy but I still love to play it. I had a hardware puzzle like this when was a child ^)10/10
Rolling Hero 3

86. GemCraft Labyrinth - Another chapter of a great tower defense games saga ^) #flash #game 10/10
GemCraft Labyrinth

85. Achievement Unlocked - Funny idea of a #game: Who needs gameplay when you have ACHIEVEMENTS? ^) 10/10
Achievement Unlocked

84. Nano Ninja - One button ninja set of excellent nano games: funny, fast and addicting ^) #flash #game 10/10
Nano Ninja

83. Circle Runner - It's a mix of two my favorite gamplays speedy runaway and skill jumping - the game is perfect 10/10 #flashgame 10/10
Circle Runner

82. One Button Bob - I love this excellent speedy minigames set! Now even more minimalistic - just one button #game ^) 10/10
One Button Bob

81. Short History of the World - The game is excellent: idea, graphics style and gameplay of minigames set ^) 10/10
Short History of the World

80. Action Turnip!!! - I didn't know that there is run'n'gun #game genre ^) Speedy and funny #flashgame 9/10
Action Turnip!!!

79. Fat Slice - Ninja blade puzzle #game ;) 10/10
Fat Slice

78. Feed The King - Indeed a fun and simple, yet very addicting #game ^) 10/10
Feed The King

77. Nyan Cat FLY! - Funny retro style avoid #game. I like the cat character and #game graphics stylization ^) I just love this pop art phenomena %) 10/10
Nyan Cat FLY!

76. Bullet Time - I love reaction based games and this one is one of the best ^) #flashgame 10/10
Bullet Time

75. Factory Balls 3 - Excellent puzzle #game from the great developer = nothing to add ^) 10/10
Factory Balls 3

74. Destructotruck - I love games by Ninja Kiwi: great sharp polished launcher #game ^) 9/10

73. SushiCat - I love this cat character ^) 10/10

72. Park it! - Great gameplay nice graphics and I have to admit it's too addicting :) 9/10
Park it!

71. ClickPLAY 3 - Great visuals ^) 9/10
ClickPLAY 3

70. Power Pinball - Like this type of games and this one especially! 9/10
Power Pinball

69. Quick Switch - Speedy physics puzzle. 10/10 [reddit choice]
Quick Switch

68. Crazy Go Nuts 2 - And one more crazy nuts #game %) 9/10 [community choice by nmz502]
Crazy Go Nuts 2

67. Tower of Greed - I like those jump runaway games. Very nice retro stylization ^) 10/10 [community choice by Porter]
Tower of Greed

66. Open Doors 2 - Very nice puzzle ^) 9/10
Open Doors 2

65. Upgrade Complete! - Great idea of totally upgradeable game, unique #game, must play if missed ^) #flashgame 10/10 [community choice Dabee]
Upgrade Complete!

64. Bloons Tower Defense 4 - I like tower defense games and this one is nice and funny ^) 9/10 [community choice nmz502]
Bloons Tower Defense 4

63. Penguin Quest - Just love this game ^) 10/10
Penguin Quest

62. Mining Truck - Excellent polished stylish transport cargo #game ^) 10/10
Mining Truck

61. Truck Loader - Great graphics, physics and gameplay mechanics = like the game very much ^) 9/10
Truck Loader

60. Red Storm - I like this robots game ^) 9/10
Red Storm

59. 1. Bloons 2 - A casual #game bomb, almost impossible to stop, excellent graphics and production as always from Ninja Kiwi ^) #flashgame 9/10
Bloons 2

58. Multitask 2 - This game is so confusing! But I like it! Like very much :) 10/10
Multitask 2

57. Zombie Trailer Park - Very nice defense strategy #game with zombies. Ninja Kiwi rocks! ^) And music is really awesome :) 9/10
Zombie Trailer Park

56. Warp Shot - Excellent puzzle with alternative physics ^) 10/10
Warp Shot

55. Yuri, The Space Jumper - Very funny and addicting game :) 9/10
Yuri, The Space Jumper

54. Kamikaze Blocks 2 Antigravity - Funny, addicting and just great visuals ^) 9/10
Kamikaze Blocks 2 Antigravity

53. Gap Monsters - Excellent innovative gameplay in this puzzle game, also I like minimalistic colors scheme and characters design ^) 10/10
Gap Monsters

52. Ricochet Kills 2 - Great idea for physics game ^) This addicting gameplay strikes back again and again %) 9/10
Ricochet Kills 2

51. I Wanna Win! - So many different puzzles in one game. Cool! 10/10
I Wanna Win!

50. Flabby Physics - Yes! Simple soft body dynamics implementation in #flashgame ^) #game 10/10
Flabby Physics

49. Desktop Tower Defense - It's the first #game of tower defense genre and one of the greatest still ^) 10/10
Desktop Tower Defense

48. Tower Bloxx Mochi - I love this tower building #game: strong idea, excellent graphics, addicting gameplay #flashgame 10/10
Tower Bloxx Mochi

47. Fault Line - Cool alternative physics idea ^) 10/10
Fault Line

46. Track the Ball - I like this logical puzzle #game, couldn't stop playing until stock on one of the levels ^) 10/10
Track the Ball

45. And Everything Started to Fall - Sad and emotional, but still great story! All your life from birth to death! 9/10
And Everything Started to Fall

44. Billy's Hill - Just great: graphics, style, idea, implementation ^) 9/10
Billy's Hill

43. Mad Trucker 3 - Wow! Cool driving shooter game! Can not stop playing! 10/10
Mad Trucker 3

42. JamHunt - Too addicting time killer game, don't even try it ^) 10/10 [reddit choice]

41. Balloon in a Wasteland - Great defense game ^) 9/10 [community choice and]
Balloon in a Wasteland

40. IQ Ball - Unique casual puzzle #game ^) Girl's choice award of FlashGAMM Kyiv 2010 10/10
IQ Ball

39. Harv-E - Very nice mining gameplay and pretty characters design ^) 9/10

38. Fun Da Vinci - Future hit award of FlashGAMM Kyiv 2010! 10/10
Fun Da Vinci

37. Cybershock - Excellent area defense geometric shooter game ^) I like cosmic sound and neon visuals style ^) 10/10

36. Attack of the Heavenly Bats - Nothing to say, just GREAT!!! 10/10
Attack of the Heavenly Bats

35. Gunbot - Another great platform game from Berzerk Studio 9/10

34. I Love Traffic - I love this traffic management puzzle #game ^) 10/10
I Love Traffic

33.Cyber Sprint - I love simple and addicting reaction based games like this ^) #flashgame 9/10
Cyber Sprint

32. Slip 'n Slide - I like graphics style and color scheme in this classic #puzzle #game 10/10 [reddit choice]
Slip 'n Slide

31. Electric Box 2 - I like engineering games puzzles ^) 9/10
Electric Box 2

30. Icy Tower - One of my best favorite and the most addicting higher jump #game - jump jump ^) 10/10
Icy Tower

29. Isoball 3 - Great puzzle, very nice graphics :) 9/10
Isoball 3

28. Experiment 17 - This modern style fits for a snake game ^) 10/10
Experiment 17

27. Bubble Tanks 2 - Lost one working day once upon a time ^) 10/10
Bubble Tanks 2

26.Mechanical Commando 2 - Just great! 10/10
Mechanical Commando 2

25. Fragger - One of the best in genre ;) 9/10

24. Fly Hard -Very nice implementation of traditional upgrade and launch gameplay ^) #flashgame 10/10
Fly Hard

23. Neon Climber - The first game with double jump that I've seen. Easy and addicting - played several hundred times ^) #flashgame 10/10
Neon Climber

22. SAS: Zombie Assault 2 - Insane - "SAS: Zombie Assault 2 - Insane Asylum" - title is longer then our allowed 90 characters, so had to shorten it a bit %) Great next chapter for one the best favorite zombie shooter #game series ^) 10/10
SAS: Zombie Assault 2 - Insane

21. GooBalls - I like this mix of matching and physics puzzle gameplay very much ^) #flash #game 10/10

20. Red Remover - Yeah! ^) 8/10 [most played]
Red Remover

19. DuBlox - Great math puzzle, awesome graphics, polished mechanics ^) 10/10 [reddit choice]

18. Paint The Town - I like defense games, rushy shooter ^) 10/10 [top rated]
Paint The Town

17. Don't Touch My Gems! - Most Addictive Game of the 2010 @ FGL competition - don't even try it ;) I've passed all levels, nearly a month %) 10/10 [top rated, editor choice]
Don't Touch My Gems!

16. Shift 4 - The original game was the first that I met of it's kind in alternative physics flash games. 4th part is still great puzzle #flashgame 10/10 [top rated]
Shift 4

15. The I of it - Excellent game! I wish to play more games like this ^)10/10
The I of it

14. Solarmax - Great game! Visual better than that nanowars 2! Cool sound! 10/10 [top rated]

13. Momiga - The Most Minimalist Game ever: looks like nothing to remove left - just great ^) 10/10 [top rated]

12. Gluey - Excellent new variation of matching #game ^) 10/10 [most played, top rated]

11. Tunnel Panic - Supper addicting, played hundreds times, love it! 10/10 [editor choice]
Tunnel Panic

10. Morplee - Excellent rushy set of minigames, couldn't stop playing ^)10/10 [most played, top rated]

9. Learn 2 Fly - The second part of great game!!! More bonuses, upgrades... I like! 10/10 [most played, top rated]
Learn 2 Fly

8. Armed with Wings 3 - Legendary #game, remember it from FGL 10/10, pleased to see it at our portal ^) 10/10 [top rated]
Armed with Wings 3

7. Music Catch 2 - Really beautiful and too addicting, don't even try it ;) 10/10 [top rated]
Music Catch 2

6. PixEvo - The Fountain - Nice gameplay idea + pretty hard to play = real old school #game ^) 10/10 [most played, stumbleupon choice]
PixEvo - The Fountain

5. Homerun in Berzerk Land - Great launcher game - Berzerk Studio rocks as always ^) 10/10 [top rated, community choice by dabee Dabee]
Homerun in Berzerk Land

4. Liquid Measure 2 - Great idea and excellent polished implementation of puzzle #game ^) 10/10 [top rated]
Liquid Measure 2

3. sugar, sugar - Great idea, great game, great social media work ^) 10/10 [most played, editor choice, stumbleupon choice ]
sugar, sugar

2. Flood Runner Armageddon - http://eplusgames.net/games/flood_runner_armageddon/play 10/10 [top rated]
Flood Runner Armageddon

1. Obey The Game - It's not a #puzzle. it's super dynamic action #game ^) Great idea, excellent implementation! #flashgame 10/10 [most played, editor choice, stumbleupon choice) ]
Obey The Game

And we got two special nominations:

New Technology: 3D Alien Escape (Molehill) - Finally! It's time to hardware accelerated 3D games for Flash Player 11. Rather slow and simple but here and now :) Had to tune site code a little bit: wmode set to GPU. The future is now ^) 10/10
3D Alien Escape (Molehill)

Last Call: Pixel Purge - I love to play rushy and messy #shooter #games like this. 9/10 [community choice by Porter]
Pixel Purge

You are welcome to upload Your games, so they can appear on top next week and next year. Any feedback is appreciated!

I refreshed memories when making printscreens and I just can say I love these games ^) Wish to see at least 100 even better games during the next Year!

Thanks for making and publishing games, reading and playing. Thanks for e-mails and uploads.

Stay tuned, play more, have a nice week and Year! :)


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