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Friday, November 4, 2011

Want to Make Games part 1: Start Up Kit

As announced I begin to write articles cycle: How to start develop Flash games.

Last 5-6 years our studio released about 40 games a lot of cloned but more then 10 of different kinds. All the ActionScript 2 and 3 code in all but one games I've written by myself somehow. I was trying to engage a lot of developers but didn't managed. It was Flex Enterprise, Flash IDE, serverside PHP/db programmers, enterprise Java, low level C++ and so on but no way.

They received from me as3 gamedev jumpin pack:
0. Get FlashDevelop
1. Getting Started with FlashDevelop
2. as3 with FlashDevelop overview
3. My presentation «Flash Games with Freeware»  and a sample game/tech demo  for FlashGAMM #2  meeting. There are also a lot of useful materials about Flash games development.Altogether here at FlashDevelop Forums
4. Jumpin J game source code and also at FlashDevelop Forums
The task was simple to set up development environment and compile the game. Strange but no one did it. I don't know why and what was my mistake.

Happily a week ago I've given this task to my friend who was looking for some season work. He is not a programmer and don't have technical diploma degree but he's easily managed the task ^) Actually I wasn't ready to it and didn't have the next task prepared. So I've googled and found suitable tutorial: Creating a Asteroids Flash Game Part 1: Setting up FlashDevelop and Planning

A week later after some questions on Flash/ActionScript specifics like Sprite, stage and //entry point in a new as3 project he managed to build a game and make some changes on graphics.

So now he is reading Colin Moock's Essential ActionScript 3.0, O'Reilly, 2007 book that I'll review later on to get in development process.

And I've modified 8bitrocket's essential game framework The Essential Guide To Flash Games book and made commercial game on it also will write about in the next posts when the game releases. Going to use it for the second game as second game theory from the book advices and attach new team members to the process: one friend who already passed the tutorial and the other who is going to try and made me to write this article finally.

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