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Friday, November 25, 2011

Flash Game Top Week 31

Top flash games of the week 31 @eplusgames. After year's best quite hard to return to ordinary weekly top but here comes this week best 10 flash games:

10. Monkey Metric - Interesting socoban like #puzzle #game with excellent design style. 10/10
Monkey Metric

9. Mad Bombs 2 - Mad bombs are back! Cool! But too easy! 9/10
Mad Bombs 2

8. Medieval - Excellent idea and strong implementation of isometric tower defense #game. 10/10

7. Dex Maverick - Totally unexpected platformer game character and setting %) 9/10
Dex Maverick

6. Rolling Tires 3 - Cute, funny and bright #physics #puzzle #game 9/10
Rolling Tires 3

5. Luminara - Speedy colorful minimalistic shooter #game that I love and can't stop playing! 10/10

4. The Competitor - Great anti-defense #game and I love minimalistic graphics. 10/10
The Competitor

3. Creeper World: Evermore - I like this complex RTS game series 10/10
Creeper World: Evermore

2. AltShift - Excellent! I didn't know that another game in shift series was released ^) 10/10

1. Monsters in Bunnyland - Interesting color solution and funny character design in this platformer #flashgame. 10/10
Monsters in Bunnyland

You are welcome to suggest Your favorite games on Facebook on Twitter or directly by Upload.

Thanks for making and publishing games, reading and playing. Thanks for e-mails and uploads.

Play more and have a nice week end! :)

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