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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Applied social magic

Some text instead of games togay:
I'm going to Flash Gamm 2011 Kyiv 10-11 of December with a lecture “Applied social magic”.

Two years ago Twitter was regarded an entertainment and a time-killer. A year later commercial games on Twitter and Facebook became quite habitual and spread. The presentation gives the overview of various social media mechanisms – Stumbleupon, Reddit,  Twitter, Tumbler, Facebook, Digg, Blogspot, official and unspoken rules of societies, applications and services, as well as in-developed social media tools. The speaker will share practical skills, methods, results and statistics. A part of this information is formalizable, and a part seems pure magic.

About Speaker:
Semen Frish — co-founder of nucleart.net studio, one of the first Ukrainian flash developers, started working with Flash since Flash Player 4.0. He has been involded in over 100 multimedia, video and game projects as a manager and developer. 

Also I'll try to post more developers info in this blog. “Want to Make Games” article in progress and several game and application development articles in plans.

Thank You for reading, see You at Flash Gamm 2011 Kyiv 10-11 of December!

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