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Friday, November 29, 2013

A question on G+ ;)

I've got a question on G+ @ +Google+ +Google Developers: I have 100+ notification mails from G+ all the week. It's about 1,5 hours for me to parse.

1.  Do You review followers?
2.  How do You manage it?
3.  Is speed looks acceptible for You in 5-10 tabs when reviewing followers?
4. Don't You think that summary in added to circles mail needed like it's done on #twitter?
5. Any other ideas how to speed up/optimize? #googleplus #socialmedia  #dev  


  1. Nearly everything planned for a week done but 169 mail from G+ :)

  2. if you wanna speed things up, don't use the email notifications, use the notification bell, common on all google websites. And no, i don't review followers, I get too many to sit and check them. I just wait for them to say something interesting :)

    1. Thanks, I've stopped to read mail notifications several days ago and use bell and wait for interactions like You :)