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Monday, May 18, 2015

[PC] Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare #game #review

Today I review Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PC Campaign. I've got a lot of impressions and let's start with tech part:

Games are getting bigger, my 24 Mps is not too fast for 41 GB of install size, taken 5 hours to download. There is no place on my SSD of 128 GB for an install of 56GB, so set up on HDD. Preloading on HDD has been fixed, no video lags like in the prev part of Ghosts.

The engine looks like boosted comparing to prev game series part too, same hardware i5 661 2 cores 3.6 GHz, GTX770, Win 8.1 64 bit, 8GB mem, HDD goes smooth @ 120 fps, auto settings, a lot of medium though and looks cool anyway.

There is a lot of interesting gameplay mechanics with high tech weapons and exo skeletons, it's a new Crysis :)  Hover bikes and hover tanks are cool %)

I've finished the game in 8,4 hours. It was pretty easy but 2-3 places to go through with more then 2 attempts, good story a bit simple and anyway.

There are missions of all types, stealth and assault are most difficult.

3d chars scanned from real people are amazing :)

Welcome to get the game @ Amazon:

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