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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Game Top Week 78

Game top 10 of the week #78 at e+Games
Lots of great games this week, so lets get started :)

10. Truckage Well... yeah, it's just a cargo delivery game. But a really good one. And we haven't seen delivery games in our Top for a while, so here it is :) 9/10

9. Pixx To me it's like a Rubik's Cube game, but not that boring :D Really fun time-waster. 9/10

8. Tiny Car Finally! A game with car, breaking glass and nice graphics :) I begged for it for years :D 10/10
Tiny Car

7. Go Robots! This puzzle game is very optimistic. Just look at how cheerful those funny robots are despite the situations they get into :) 9.5/10
Go Robots!

6. Trojan War This game has all that a quality tower defence game should have: well balanced gameplay, lots of details, nice graphics. 9.5/10
Trojan War

5. Tribot Fighter Yet another robot game, but now it's time to get serious, because you're in charge of 3 different robots with neat skills. 10/10
Tribot Fighter

4. HEXEP One of those times when I can't decide what do I like more: music, or the fun puzzles... Probably both equally :) That's why this game is so pleasant to play. 10/10

3. Adelantado Trilogy. Book One Not much to say... Games like this are pushing the flash-games boundaries further and further. If I'll say "well made" I'll say nothing. 9.5/10
Adelantado Trilogy. Book One

2. Jacksmith I wish all games were made with such a precision and attention to details. One of the most addicting games I've played. 10/10

1. Flightless Finally the time has come and I can say: "Another great addition from Nitrome" :) Welcome! (I hope from now on I'll have a reasons to say it often ;) 10/10

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