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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Game Top Week 79

Game top 10 of the week #79 at e+Games

10. NinjaCannon Ninja implementation of Angry Birds. Look like he's very angry too :) 9/10

9. Lost Probe Fun game where you can change angle and gravity, must be really cool to play on mobile devices. 9.5/10
Lost Probe

8. Robot Adventure 2 Interesting platformer, but everything is sooo big... Nice one for kids I guess. 9/10
Robot Adventure 2

7. Shore Siege 2 Yarrrrr! Defend t' ship will ya! 9/10
Shore Siege 2

6. Fly Kiwi Fly! Make that kiwi's dream come true by launching him fly! Fun app for BlackBerry. 9/10
Fly Kiwi Fly!

5. Lightem Out One shot - many targets. No, this one is not about Bruce Willis, just another puzzle trajectory game :) 10/10
Lightem Out

4. Scarlet Stranger I really like the style of this game and music. Nice adventure and quite easy to play. 9/10
Scarlet Stranger

3. Takeover Well made complex isometric implementation of the classic strategy gameplay. 9/10

2. Bloosso Run Yes, it's just a running game, but once you try it you'll understand why it's on the 2nd place. 10/10
Bloosso Run

1. Kveendolnitza Hard to pronounce this name :) The gameplay is much easier :) Fun adventure of this little... ehm... Kvendoln... creature :) 9.5/10

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