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Friday, November 30, 2012

Game Top Week 81

Game top 10 of the week #81 at e+Games

10. Cuboy: Hot Pants No, this time Cuboy won't solve any riddles or quests. You just need to RUN!!! XD 10/10
Cuboy: Hot Pants

9. Jump Felix Jump Wow, didn't knew that Felix Baumgartner jumped that high :) All those asteroids :) I just wish this game was more polished... 9/10
Jump Felix Jump

8. One Chance This is a very-very sad game in any way... But the choice is up to you: whether to give up or to keep trying. 9/10
One Chance

7. Furiosity Minimalistic and addicting puzzle game that will ruin your mouse. 10/10

6. As I Lay Dying! Who would have though that lugging the corpse of your loved one can be so much fun :D 10/10
As I Lay Dying!

5. miniQuest: Trials Nice little cute platformer with good graphics and music. Enjoyed it through the all levels. 9/10
miniQuest: Trials

4. Distance Split-screen tale which proves that I'm a romantic person :D Find out which type are you :) 10/10

3. Exit Path Perfectly made running platformer with cool music. The story reminds me the Portal atmo very much :) 10/10
Exit Path

2. Superfighters Kinda unusual but an awesome old-school game! Lot's of options to fight your enemy. And it gets really fun in 2 players mode. Just like good old Nintendo times are back again :D 10/10

1. K.O.L.M. I suddenly found out that we didn't have this game 0_0 And this is absolutely my fault... So, here it is. No need to explain I just might add that this is one of the best platformers. 10/10

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