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Friday, June 24, 2011

My flash game top of the week #9

The 9th week of the best games of my choice. Five great all different games:

  1. NerveJangla - This #game makes me insane! Don't even try it ;) 10/10
  2. Bloons Supermonkey - Another one casual bomb #game from NinjaKiwi ^) I love the way they make games! 10/10
  3. Eric The Circle (lite) - Real innovative gameplay as for me ^) 10/10
  4. Mooo - Funny character + classic puzzle gameplay = great #game ^) 9/10
  5. Drag and Shoot - Great extension of classic physics puzzle gameplay mechanics ^) 9/10

You are welcome to upload Your games, so they can appear on top ;)
Thanks for playing. Play more and have a nice week end! :)

1 comment:

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