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Friday, July 15, 2011

My flash game top of the week #12 - Shooter Edition

This week is the best games of the week chapter #12 shooter edition because I like shooter games best of all.

This week's top 5 flash games at e+Games

1. Nano Tank - Another one rushy geometrical arena shooter #game that I love to play ^) 10/10

2. Operation:Onslaught - I keep on publishing intense arena shooters games that I love to play ^) #flash #game 10/10

3. Bullet Time - I love reaction based games and this one is one of the best ^) #flashgame 10/10

4. Overkill Apache - What a rush! Nothing to add just great shooter #game ^) 10/10

 5. Snot Factory - Great shoot and grow #game, very nice graphics style, reminds me of Bubble Tanks ^) 9/10

More then 60 games this week and a lot just great games of them. Thanks for Your uploads and e-mails.

You are welcome to upload Your games here, so they can appear on top ;)
Thanks for reading and  playing. Play more and have a nice week end! :)

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