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Friday, January 27, 2012

Flash Game Top Week 40

Flash game top 10 of the week #40 at e+Games
10. Monster Truck Trip 2 - Very nice car smashing game with pretty good physics! 9/10
Monster Truck Trip 2

9. LARRY: Big Dipper - Awesome #action game! Really entertaining. 10/10
LARRY: Big Dipper

8. Extreme Trucks III - Today is another great games studio/portal is in focus @gamesheep. The game is speedy, addicting, graphics style is nice and polished 10/10
Extreme Trucks III

7. Nyos - I love area shooter games: rush, mess, effects! The game developer says @reddit: "A game where you can feel awesome whilst blowing stuff up." 10/10

6. BLockoban 88 - Great game, great concept! But too hard! 9/10
BLockoban 88

5. Moonlights - Nice work. Very beautiful #puzzle game :) 10/10

4. Astroslugs Demo - It's a demo only 25 of 75 levels in flash but even the second level isn't too easy %) 10/10
Astroslugs Demo

3. Let it Glow - I love both of gameplay types: physics remover and engineering construction #puzzle - just great #game! 10/10
Let it Glow

2. Nevermore 3 - Simply but COOL! Amazing graphics! I like this game. 10/10
Nevermore 3

1. Kart Fighter - This game is the perfect racer for me, it's good fun and easy to play. 10/10
Kart Fighter

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