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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Flash Game Top Week 53

Flash game top 10 of the week #53 at e+Games

10. Turbo Kids Nice 5-minute break game. Even with the championship commentator, builds the spirit :) 8/10
Turbo Kids

9. Madhouse Every madhouse is creepy, especially when you're not a psycho :) Interesting game, but I would make it a bit darker. 8/10

8. Liferaft: Zero A very tiny game which reminds me the great and awesome Portal. I like that kind of games. 9/10
Liferaft: Zero

7. Glow Web Interesting neon/laser puzzle game. Don't get fooled it's ain't easy... but really nice. 10/10
Glow Web

6. Tower of Heaven Cool and hard (sometimes) gameplay. I like the story in this game about the huge tower and you - the brave one who dare to ascend. And the music is nice too. 10/10
Tower of Heaven

5. Labyrinth iXi Well drawn 3D space game. You drive a cool battle vehicle and fight everything that gets in your way. I guess that's how the planets conquered :) 10/10
Labyrinth iXi

4. Lynn Love I think this game would be more interesting for girls, because obviously it's about the love story. But still it's an interesting quest adventure for everybody. 10/10
Lynn Love

3. Time Fcuk It's not your usual 8bit game. This is a real sci-fi puzzle game with a little existential touch. Be prepared that not all of your questions will be answered. 10/10
Time Fcuk

2. -Blind- Very moody sonar game. Not much known from the start, only that you're blind and someone's calling for help. Yeah, creepy... 10/10

1. FPA: World 3 Let's get back from those dark and sad games. The first place belongs to a really bright and fun game. What I like about this game is a very dynamic gameplay and fun story :) 9.5/10
FPA: World 3

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