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Friday, July 6, 2012

Flash Game Top Week 63

Flash game top 10 of the week #63 at e+Games

10. Railway Valley Missions I like rail-roads and trains :) This nice railway traffic game is very cute :) 10/10
Railway Valley Missions

9. Grand Museum Theft Cool stealth avoiding game with lots of possibilities to pass the guards. 9/10
Grand Museum Theft

8. More Than Tank: Level Pack I feel myself a bit claustrophobic playing this :D Still nice tiny tank game, it looks so serious like a bulldog :) 10/10
More Than Tank: Level Pack

7. Blob and Blocks: Double Quest Funny physics game with these... blobs :) I've noticed one interesting feature here: blobs can move differently in same conditions. That's cool, adds some randomness to the gameplay. 10/10
Blob and Blocks: Double Quest

6. The Mechanicer The gameplay here is quite common: move box here, jump there, switch this. Usual robot's adventures you know :) But the realization is good, I like this moody atmo. 9/10
The Mechanicer

5. Cube Tank Arena Oh I finished this game on a single breath. It's very well done, nice and polished. I like everything in it: overall look, music, character design. 10/10
Cube Tank Arena

4. Simple motions 2 Well the motions aren't that simple :) Design and puzzles will hold you for hours. 10/10
Simple motions 2

3. Jump Face I relax while playing games like this one. Very nice music. Just look at this cheerful little buddy :) 10/10
Jump Face

2. Super Threadmill This is like a tribute to old 8bit/Gameboy games. Perfect from the beginning to the very end. Awesome, just awesome. Oh, and music is nice here too :) (I know I'm saying this all the time :) 10/10
Super Threadmill

1. 10 Gnomes Some might say the gameplay is too simple or it's too bizarre. But this game series held me during the whole week in some mesmerizing state. Maybe it's because I like strange places and this another world with small spots hidden from everybody's eyes. If you like the first part, come check the other 14 (!) parts. 10/10
10 Gnomes


  1. I really enjoyed those game especially the Cube Tank Arena. Thanks for sharing those game to us, it's true that we love these games!

    Best flash game developer

  2. Thanks for Your appreciation and for the link, looks pretty nice :)

  3. Thanks for visiting it sir! I just bookmarked your site so I can play the other games.. ^^

    Do you have RPG here?

  4. You are welcome and thanks for bookmarking :) We don't have RPG section but if You just use search on the top of the site by RPG You can find 50+ RPG games.