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Friday, June 20, 2014

[#PC] Battlefield Hardline Beta #game

I've played Battlefield Hardline Beta yesterday for 31 minutes according to stats and sharing  impressions:

I like absolutely transparent beta access: choose platform, enter birth date, login with origin account andI'm in. It's ~ 6 GB to download. Two multiplayer maps and game types included.

I've played Blood Money - new for me multiplayer gameplay: money vault on the centre of the map and teams vaults on opposite sides. You have to take more money to Your vault as far as I understood. Our team won twice :)

It's like a mix of Capture the Flag and Bombing Run gameplays that I've seen in Unreal Tournament as for me. In addition You can take up to 500K of money at once instead of one ball. Also the are types of players like in Team Fortress 2 and a lot of vesicles like in Call of Duty. This mix appeared pretty playable but I've stopped in 2 rounds to get back to Wolfenstein: The New Order (43% of campaign progress, the next game in review queue)  :)

Technically everything worked pretty smoth, autodetect setting set up High present for my i5-661 and GTX 770 and ran it at 72 fps.

Nice, recommended to try, going to play campaign that may appear non linear :)

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