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Friday, April 29, 2016

VR Shooter Concepts Enemy 1

I'm working on VR Shooter game project more than for half a Year when have some time. Actually it wasn't a time for art at all and art and story found me themselves :)

I haven't yet cleared the rights for the IP so everything goes white label. This way the task for artists was kind of abstract too.

It's titled Enemy 1. I've got sketches concepts from four artists. Publishing raw data:








Cover, 1, 5 by Andrey, 2 by Anna,  4 by Nastya, 3,6,7 by Masha.

The winner of my choice is on cover naturally and the runner u s 4. What would You choose and what would add/change? Thanks!

I don't know when do You have some time again, so let it be posted today, Happy Friday :)

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