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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Social media integration, functionality and usability updates @ e+Games

It may seem that We are only playing, selecting, publishing games and posting feedback. Sure we are ^) It takes a lot of time actually. Anyway portal under development meanwhile. So we are optimizing all the processes to be faster, suitable and up to date:

1. Core optimization: Average Load Time for Very Fast (0.778 Seconds), 81% of sites are slower @ - optimization rocks!

2. Social media integration: To existing Facebook sign in/log in functionality, added possibility to sign in/log in with Twitter, Tumbler and Google accounts. Account merging for existing users has been implemented. Also added speedy one click sharing functionality to e+CMS for Tumbler post with tags and linked pictures. The same functionality for Blogspot in progress.

3. Game publishing: Added optional uploader comment and game screen shot fields. Comment is used for panel social media sharing, screenshot is resized to 500px horizontal to meet Tumbler and Blogspot image media requirements.

Reminding that e+CMS is open source and free so You can request a copy here (sorry still no English site version yet.).

Also our new match three game is close to release so news on gamedev are coming soon.

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