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Friday, October 7, 2011

Flash game top #24: Extended edition

This week 7 flash games'd received 10/10 rating so I've decided to select 10 games once again. Hope It's going to be possible every week. Please upload Your games here, so they can appear on top:

1. Think Tanks - Great hardcore tank shooter game. Too addicting forced myself to stop in a hour on 10th level. Thanks Ian from FOG for the upload. 10/10

2. Quick Switch - Speedy physics puzzle. 10/10

3. Cactus McCoy 2 - The sequel looks even better than the original game. Great idea of a platformer. 10/10

4.  Tactical Assassin Substratum - I like this shooter sniper game! New mission with knife is cool! I like this shooter sniper game, new mission with knife is cool! 10/10

5. GravX - Precisely polished physic puzzle platformer with a bit alternative physics. 10/10

6. Colliderix - Simple and addicting physics puzzle gameplay. 10/10

 7. The First Hero - Great puzzle in Greek style, a little short but I like still it! 10/10

8. Turret Tower Titans - Well balanced base defense shooter - linear and addicting. Quite controversial Stumbleupon and Newgrounds commuties liked but Redditors totally hated it. 9/10

9. Vector Stunt - Excellent feeling of speed. 9/10

10. Brainie - I like action mode, nice casual game. 9/10

You are welcome to upload Your games, so they can appear on top next week. Any feedback is appreciated!

Thanks for reading and  playing. Play more and have a nice week end! :)

1 comment:

  1. I experienced the white textures as well and thought it strange,however from that point forward I have found why: The render engine "Think Tanks" uses is designed to automatically render textures as white to keep frame rates worthy on slower machines.The white rendering issue does not happen on machines with all the more powerful graphics cards.

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