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Friday, October 28, 2011

Flash game top #27

Top flash games of the week chapter #27. This week 10 games and one special nominee again. More and more games are received by e-mail and directly uploaded buy developers and publishers. So from now let it be considered standard edition.

1. Buggle Stars - Interesting speedy skill platformer #game 10/10
Buggle Stars

2. Truck Loader 3 - I have really enjoyed this whole #puzzle series! Challenging but not impossible! 0/10
Truck Loader 3

3. Badass Builder 2 - Very enjoyable #shooter! Awesome way to pass time! 0/10
Badass Builder 2

4. Mirror Runners - Strong #puzzle #game idea. Today's top #webgame @reddit + Use down arrow to activate goal. 10/10
Mirror Runners

5. Orboid - Reminds me of games with climbing up jumping from gear to gear. The main difference it's even more addicting hardly made myself to stop. 10/10

6. Advanced Army Training - Flash games are getting more and more like video games. Nice sequel of good shooting game. 10/10
Advanced Army Training

7. Loony Box - Very nice mechanics in this classic physics puzzle game. 9/10
Loony Box

8. EOH - Good jet pilot game needs a lot of accuracy. 9/10

9. Trickochet - Very nice graphic and easy involving addicting gameplay. 10/10

10. Binga - Brilliant #puzzle game! Awesome time killer for about 15 minutes or so! 0/10

Special nominee:. The Worlds Hardest Game - Pretty hard ^) Even the first level is challenging, passed with nearly half a hundred attempts %) 10/10
The Worlds Hardest Game

You are welcome to upload Your games, so they can appear on top next week. Any feedback is appreciated!

Thanks for making and publishing games, reading and playing. Play more and have a nice week end! :)

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