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Friday, March 15, 2013

Game Top Week 96

Game top 10 of the week #96 at e+Games 

Don't forget to suggest Your favorite games for top 100 of the week #100 here in comments ;)

10. Raft Wars 2 To me it's like some kind of mix between the Worms and South Park :) 10/10
Raft Wars 2

9. Match + Remove Players Pack is a fusion of match and remove puzzles. Quite tricky. 9/10
Match + Remove Players Pack

8. Redstar Fall Another incredibly stylish and polished shape-removing puzzle. Very nice! 10/10
Redstar Fall

7. Windhawk Cool isometric game with polished graphics and interesting style which combines fixed battlestation shooter and action. 9/10

6. Dogfight Sim Most of my non-imaginary friends are playing Warthunder now, but they don't know the real thing... 10/10
Dogfight Sim

5. Amil Awesome old-school platformer. Nice story and music :) 9/10

4. (Don't) Save the Princess! I laughed hard at this game's idea :) Most of other games tell us to do the opposite and then bang! Don't save the princess! XD 10/10
(Don't) Save the Princess!

3. I Was Hungry, But There Were Cannons I'd call this game a "concentrated platformer". It has cannons (obviously), traps, coins (hamburgers), exits, special stuff and all of it is so tiny... Oh, and that 8bit gentleman's voice is simply hilarious :D 9/10
I Was Hungry, But There Were Cannons

2. Street Tony Hawk Pro Skater is way too mainstream, try this skateboard simulator! 10/10

1. Give Up Don't even think to do that. This game is called to brake you, but I have a faith in you B-) 10/10
Give Up

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