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Friday, May 2, 2014

[Windows Phone, Windows 8] Halo SA #game #review

I wanted to play a game of Halo series for ages. I don't have Xbox and PS as well, so I was waiting for PC version.

Unexpectedly it appeared a game for Windows Phone: Halo: Spartan Asslt. I installed free demo Halo: SA Lite and it appeared interesting, strange but suitable controls, gamepad emulation on touchscreen, texts are too small and it's was only one level.

I tried to installed the full Halo: SA game to my Nokia Lumia 720 and it said "not enough space". Google helped me to get to know that 1 GB Memory Needed Nokia Lumia 820 and higher, 925 or 930 will do :)

So I've played the game for Mobile on PC happily I've got Windows 8. Good is the game is even cheaper for PC, bad is graphics looks a bit old-fashioned and weird on my gaming PC, maybe on Xbox it's better ;) And it's the only bad news about the game :)

Starting from tutorial it's indeed Halo by visuals and they are really strong. Tutorial is needed to be passed for Halo universe noobs like me and 30 levels are perfect with it's hardcore gameplay. I always wanted to get to know mystique about console core audience and looks like it's about endless achievements, boosts and perks. The only PC game with such a complex system for it is multiplayer of Call of Duty and it's not really a PC game.

Halo: Spartan Asslt is a very nice game, reminds me of Alien Shooter, Alien Swarm and StarCraft II somehow, 9/10 Strongly recommended 

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