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Friday, May 23, 2014

[#socialmedia] Twitter Short Overview #article


Twitter was my first love with #socialmedia. It shown me the potential and kept the place of the favourite #socialmedia service for 3 years.

It's a pite and recent updates has ruined it's minimalistic simplicity and Empire Avenue, Instagram and G+  has moved Twitter from it's leading position for me.

I still think that this negative trend isn't long term and Twitter team fin the way to bring back it's lighting fast back to grows :)

Lets keep with tradition started from the article about Klout and split the article to theoretic part and practical howto.

Information should be 1. exact and 2. in time, one of the basic principle of an Information theory.
  1. short messages, originally optimized for SMS enforce You to write short and exact 
  2. simplified no SQL database with no way to edit + with limitations (proper optimizations) on search of older items and so on = lighting fast :)

Everything is easy on Twitter, You can:
  1. tweet (post) Your statuses not longer than 140 charecters (video and images are supported now)
  2. mark Your tweets with #hashtags (keywords marked with hash "#")
  3. favourite (like, save) tweets that You consider nice or/and important
  4. RT (re-tweet, share) posts You like and consider worth to be read
  5. follow (subscribe) to posts of people You consider interesting, sure You can un-follow and block
  6. list (add to feed) users by interests/topics
  7. do anything with instruments above. For example #FF game: mark tweet that means Follow Friday, gather people by any criteria and recommend them to be followed :)

Article about Twitter should be short I guess :) What do You think?

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The next article is about Pinteres

See You, Happy Friday and Amazing Weekend ahead of You my friends :)