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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

[updated #4] Applied Social [Media] Magic #Book - Work Title, Table of Contents and Several Articles

I'm keep on writing my book, no time at all and I'm keep on trying to manage properly with all tasks.

Work title is Applied Social [Media] Magic. Title is from my presentation at #flashgamm conference, still open for discussion ^) 

Work goes slow and anyway I'm trying to write a post/chapter at least once a week. Here comes Table of Contents and Several Articles, also open to add, change and remove info:

Media/Services (not to mess up with small and large letters tolowercase temporary %)

[UPDATED #1]  Added article on Empire Avenue finally, add to TOC ifttt and misc useful tools article
  1. twitter [UPDATED #3] [Twitter Short Overview] [Twitter on Practice][LATEST][Twitter How to NEXT 4]
  2. facebook
  3. g+ [NEXT 3]
  4. blogger
  5. pinterest [NEXT 1]
  6. empire avenue  [UPDATED #3] [(e)7A]
  7. klout [+K]
  8. linkedin
  9. quora
  10. about.me and xeeme.com
  11. slideshare
  12. soundcloud/mixcloud
  13. youtube
  14. flickr
  15. [UPDATED #1] finally it is Instagram beta for Windows Phone, so it's time for a bit of #socialmedia on mobile [NEXT 2] [UPDATED #4] The article is here Applied Social [Media] Magic #Book - Instagram   :)
  16. foursquare
  17. ifttt

Not yet sure
  1. tumblr
  2. kred/trustcloud/connect.me
  3. stumbleupon
  4. digg
  5. reddit
  6. medium 

  1. hootsuite [HootSuite Pro 1st month impressions article]
  2. socialbro [Applied Social [Media] Magic #Book - SocialBro article]
  3. custom written tools for e+CMS
  4. misc useful tools: circlecount, inktally, sharedcount

  1. Personal Branding for Business article

  1. e+Games launch, promotion, stats and techniques
  2. social games

To be continued and with much more details, next #socialmedia posts are on empire avenue, twitter and pinterest, see You soon $)

PS. Please suggest what would be nice to add, change, remove.
PPS. Please share ;)

+ Do anybody have ideas about publishing/publisher(s), thanks in advance?

++ Could anybody suggest good book on #socialmedia? Shame on me I haven't read any yet %)


  1. It sounds very ambitious, I hope you are able to handle that workload without buckling.

    1. Thanks, I do my best and I think I manage with it: I've got more then enoghf material, need to write it down, not repeat annswers over and over again :)

  2. That is actually a really good list. Are you going to break down by individual branding versus business?

    1. Funny, I've already got first also draft article on it and it has mixed title: Personal Branding for Business http://blog.eplusgames.net/2013/07/personal-branding-for-business-starting.html

      I guess everybody: person or company makes promotion for business purposes or do I miss something?

  3. What about
    "Social Media is no magic"
    "A guide for Social Media Magicians"




  4. It looks excellent so far. My only question, and maybe I missed it, is whether you are going to write about personal accounts and/or business accounts? I think it's important to break them both down and separate the content. Just me though. Keep up the great job! I respect you for moving forward to write a book. I'm sure it isn't easy.

    1. Thanks Steven. I realize deference between personal and business accounts, I'm co-founder of a studio, so got both types of accounts. So I guess I'll describe personal and business account key features on examples/cases.

  5. Looks good! All the social networking tools in one go.

  6. I am looking to forward to reading your book once it comes out

  7. Sounds impressive! How about a section on mobile social media tools.

  8. Thanks for encouraging feedback and suggestions, pleased that You like it :)

  9. Keep on trucking. I'm behind your pushing you on! This is worth while so buckle down and getter done! Stay positive and focused. Accomplish anything.

  10. I sincerely admire you for writing a book! What an ambitious goal!

  11. Looks good.. You seem to have missed off Instagram and I would imagine that Vine could be quite cool for gaming social media.

    As it looks like you are writing the book in Russian and English it might be a good idea to include VKontakt in there.

    I would also think about having a chapter on Hangouts.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

    1. I keep off using #socialmedia on mobile still, so no Instagram and Foursquare I know I should and trying to keep some offline time for me.

      Vine haven't tied yet and good idea it's trending, thanks.

      Russian was for conference, so English only and I'm not using Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, so I wouldn't cover those networks.

      Hangouds must be useful to, haven't tried yet too.

      Thanks Justin for support and ideas!