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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

[UPDATED #5][#socialmedia] Twitter on Practice #article


Looks like my previous article [#socialmedia] Twitter #article appeared a kind of overview, a sneak peak not a kind of practical how to.

Here comes the second article with applied case on our new cooking portal project getitcooked.com and it's promotion naturally with Twitter too. This article is going to be the first of the series of articles about what kind of social magic we do service by service and how it can help our friends, collaborators and customers for sure.

What is more practical the articles will help You, what kind of social magic use to promote our and Your content on resource to get most of it. Naturally it goes to portal's help then. Also You can just take a practice and use it anywhere on the web or You can do nothing and we do all the promotion work for You.

What we do?
Our #socialmedia specialist Tanya is frequently being asked: "What do You do at work". She answers: "I do #socialmedia magic :)" and it causes even more questions. She keeps on describing in plain words that she gets paid for spending her working time on Facebook, G+ and Twitter and people get even more surprised %)

For one people #socialmedia is natural marketing tool for others wasting time. For the first category the big three (now it's four of it I guess, LinkedIn too, how to range them I not too sure) #socialmedia resources are default tools between dozens of others. For the second category FB is kind of default, Twi is a misery and G+ is a copy of FB that nobody cares of or pretty similar too.

Anyway everybody knows Twitter but not too many people know how to use it for business. We use it this way:

1. We are filling profile. It's Your face and people don't like to talk with robots. Icon, about text, link to the resource on the web, lists, tags for them and so on.

2. We make and share our own content. So we need to make it proper, nice, positive, interesting and shareable/viral. From one side it's boring and annoying to post only Your [promotional] content, from the other only reposts of popular contend won't do. So we are balancing. One or several posts of our recipes, articles, charts and bunch of re-tweets and reposts.

3. We finding people to interact by Twitters search and third party tools like Socialbro, using relevant words/#hashtags like #food, #cook, #chief, #meal, #recipe, #restaurant #yummy and so on. It' not to fast and it's key feature, be curious and don't be lazy :)

4. More We are active, followed and mentioned, easier to find us by search. Also people likes profiles with proper following/followers ratio. It shroud be balanced at least 1 to 1 or better many to one like we have @getitcooked ~50K followers and ~3K following. We are working on it :)

5. We are doing more day by day interaction:
5.1 Find nice relevant images and re-tweet, people like fast to accept content.
5.2 Find famous cooks by restaurant or book, showing them our implementations of their recipes, asking for feedback or more info.
5.3 When somebody favs or re-tweets Your content it's kind to return a favour. Also You'd better reply to questions and DM, like we do.

6. Weekly interactions like Follow Friday or weekly recipes chart is a good practice too.

7. We see twitter follow or share button everywhere on the Web and happy to use it on when find something by Google search, in News feeds,  discovery services like StumbleUpon or whatever else. If there is no button, we share with Hootsuite :)

8. For sure we promote our tweet with Empire Avenue and other services paid and free :)

I've received some feedback that it to much promotional and not too Twitter relevant info. The part of text marked with ">>>" going to be separate article after portal launch with screenshots and more detailed howto instructions. It's howto not a case :)

Get It Cooked portal has been launched, slightly modified part of the first article is already there: Welcome to the world of socialmedia magic: Twitter short overview alsoalready there: Welcome to the world of socialmedia magic: Twitter short overview also there some help, howto and tutorial articles like How to get registered (sign up) on our web site and How to sign up on our website using an Email. How to post recipe and the third how to use twitter to promote it are next.

What You are supposed to do?
1. Try to recreate our practice step by step or modified, not to hard, just time utilizing. Welcome to read step by step instructions in help section on our portal, coming pretty soon.
2. Let us do some work for You and use our social magic. Recipes, articles and restaurants on our portal of Get It Сooked are going to be promoted active way described above if they meet quality guidelines and  extremely active way if featured.

[UPDATED #3] See You very soon, beta launch is planned early in September, meanwhile we are on blogger and all over #socialmedia. Welcome to follow us #socialmedia links are on right columns on this blog and on blog of Get It Cooked

[UPDATED #4] Portal of Get It Cooked has been launched, we are working on it's promotion over social media. Once again modified version of this article appeared in publication section @ getitcooked and @ LinkedIn pretty soon.

Article about Twitter should be short still :) What do You think?

[UPDATED #5] The most applied article, step by step howto is here at GetItCooked in publications/tutorials/howto section. I guess it's proper place and no need mirror it here.

More articles for Applied Social [Media] Magic #Book are here.and here Applied Social Magic #tag

The next article is still about Pinterest

Have an amazing day my friends :)