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Monday, December 15, 2014

Personal Branding #book #socialmedia #SMM

[UPDATED #1] Looks still useful and I see that articles definitely needed cleanup, updates and much more detailed info on the topic. A bit weird and anyway %) Going to work on it ‪#‎socialmedia‬

Newer version of the article is avail here on LinkedIn ;)

I've decided to write a book on applied #socialmedia use. Project name is "Applied Social Magic" because. I've got some already systematized materials for #gamedev conference #FlashGAMM (going to suggest more title variants for voting soon).

I've written the first chapter about Hootsuite recently

[UPDATED #2] Project name is still "Applied Social Magic".

I've written a lot of articles that can be previewed here on e+Games blog.

We are working with project on promotion with #socialmedia for several month and some more applied cases can be foung on Get It Cooked in Publications section.

First and least steps You need to get started with #socialmedia are (posting samples of my steps for now and then will make proper screenshots and descriptions):

1. Make personal Facebook profile
2. Make Facebook page
3. Create and gather some people to Facebook group
4. Create a blog
5. Choose and register a domain name
6. Aggregate those those things together
7. Return for more info next week ;)

Hope it helps.

PS. It's my Birthday today [2013/07/10] so it's a nice day to start :)

[UPDATED #2] PPS. #SMM is for #socialmedia magic :P

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