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Friday, December 19, 2014

[books] Packt’s $5 eBook Bonanza #tech #gamedev

I've missed previous ones so know nothing about the huge success of last year’s festive offer and  anyway Packt’s $5 eBook Bonanza is back and bigger than ever! Let's shop and support our friends at Packt Publishing :)

From Thursday 18th December until January 6th 2015, every #eBook and video will be available on our website for just $5 and customers will be able to purchase as many books as they like before the offer ends. There’s no better opportunity to try something new or to take your skills to the next level as 2015 begins. 

It was no time to #read this year at all %) Keep on Rocking and Raving, Happy Holidays and amaizng Year ahead of You my friends! Read More :)

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