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Friday, December 26, 2014

[#games] Best of 2014 #PC #shooter #edition

The Year of 2014 I had no time at all and managed to play some games anyway, shame on me and time was stolen from #books: 3.5 fiction and one on tech Unity %)

I'll consider the game of 2014 not by release date but the date I've played. I guess it is fair enough.

You know on vivid #PC #gamer so most of the games I play are #FPS. Surprisingly this Year the game of the Year is 3rd person view and another third person view game is on the list.

5. Halo SA - pretty long a kind of weird story I wanted to try Halo for ages, met it on my Windows Phone of Nokia 720 that could run only a demo level and finished it on PC :) More details here in [Review]

4. Titanfall - I've played Titanfall on a free weekend strong multiplayer game. [Review]
Not every game is still installed and naturally not every avail in this case, so no screen for some of games.

3. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Watchdogs appeared to be endless and it was discount for CoD:AW so I've played the game not in a queue, game is great a lot of impressions to write down soon and I've returned to the game of the Year for me of  Watchdogs

2. Wolfenstein: The New Order  was surprisingly good, looks like fresh blood in action :) [Review]

1. Watch Dogs (Watch_Dogs)- totally unexpected: I don't like RPG, Adventure and 3rd person view games, played 30 hours so far in several months, now pretty close to the end of the game on 5th part. It's still involving and I've realized that story is better than in most of the movies I watched ever and recently :) I'm going to write more detailed review too :)

+ not a shooter and still nice and surprisingly innovative with MMO game of the Year is NFS Rivals ;) [Review]

My toplay list is here and I've got wishlist on Steam but don't know how to share a public link yet %)

This article on LinkedIn and on Gamasutra pending editors approval :)

Work less, play more, have an amazing New Year ahead of You :)