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Monday, August 11, 2014

[#PC] Wolfenstein: The New Order #review

I play less and less and games to review in queue are more and more %) So I've decided to make reviews shorter to keep them from becoming retro %)

Today Wolfenstein: The New Order is in spotlight. First of all it's nice to meet new cool studio. Let me introduce Machine Games, new loud name in game industry, we are going to hear more from them I guess :)

First of all It seamed to me that some fresh blood was involved in making this #game. I've played for 2,5 hours, hardly stooped my first session! :-)  It's hard to believe that Rage and Wolfenstein: The New Order are from the same ID :) Respect to the creators, game is fulfilled with fresh gameplay ideas and solutions.

The second good impression: I've managed to found the only gameplay bug dying after next level trigger fired. Had to replay the level %)  The game is pretty stable and polished.

The third it runs smooth on highest settings on my i5 and GTX 770 and looks very nice naturally. Overall setting design and artwork are amazing.

One thing that can be considered bad is good for most of players. The last boss is a bit too hardcore, I would beaten him several years ago and now after half an hour of battle I set difficulty lower and then lower again %)

Game stats says I've finished 49% of the game: I didn't managed to crack any of enigma codes for examples and Steam says gathered ~35% of achievements.

Anyway I can say the game is amazing and strongly recommended for FPS fans 10/10.

Welcome to get digital PC version of  Wolfenstein: The New Order #game @ Amazon:

Work less, play more, have an amazing week ahead of You :)

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