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Monday, August 18, 2014

[#PC] Nextgen CoD & BF4 #reviews

Actually it's currentgen already, thanks for pointing at :) The article is about Call of Duty Ghosts and Battlefield 4 I've played about half a Year ago. Now just cleaning up my to do list in this case to write list:

Call of Duty Ghosts is 66 GB to install about 30GB to download from Steam. I've got SSD of 128 GB, so had to install the game on HDD. It caused lags with levels preloading, pity because cinematics are stylish.


I've played long time ago, so I can't remember what exactly was impressive by my short notes about the dog and high tower mission. Remote sniper and water missions were cool. Also space/futuristic missions and not expected open ending made gameplay really cool :)

Tech side was great too. New engine appeared good tested, stable and pretty sharp with realistic color solution. Recommended 9/10

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Battlefield 4 was not too stable with saves for me, I had to restart levels several times with broken checkpoints, too often as for me. Also I had issue with drivers with Metro Last Light benchmark that removed 50% of driver files installed with Battlefield. Natural for new generation of gametech and anyway %)


The 1st mission gameplay has proper rush. Tanks missions are not too easy. Battlefield's 4 6th mission is extremely hard, I've played several hours just to pass until found proper strategy solution. Also looks like to achieve gold status of passing the level You should play with sniper/gauss rifle :) Good 8/10

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For the first time for ages Cod has beaten BF for me. Competition is always good for end users. I've already tried the new Battlefield Hardline Beta #game and it's pretty good :)

The next game to review is NFS Rivals and toplay list with more reviews is here :)

Work less, play more, have an amazing week ahead of You :)


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