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Saturday, August 23, 2014

[#tech, #windowsphone] Lumia Cyan #review

I've updated my Nokia Lumia 720 to new Windows Phone 8.1 version named Lumia Cyan, sharing positive impressions:
  • Instalation worked out from the second attempt (first failed with not stable wifi connection).
  • Indeed 15-20 mins, only two password prompts, to new facebook app and to windowsstore.
  • The only bug I've found so far is text not fitting in small calendar tile :P
  • Even flatter design, xbox icon is even more minimalistic :)
  • Low Power Bluetooth I was waiting for to use my Polar H7 heartbeat monitor belt working
  • 11 IE looks significateky faster, book mode is suitable to read, good tabs implementation
  • settings panel on top, suitable to disable wifi/bloetooth for example or access other settings
  • separate sound adjustment for call/notifications and programs/media
  • pretty nice reworked camera program
  • ability to setup programs to SD card, actual for large games :)
Well done, proper OS implementation for me :)
Going to use more and share more impressions if some. Have an amazing weekend my friends :)

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