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Monday, December 19, 2011

Rage the most controversial of the year 2011 (PC)

This game made me write my first large game review. I have a log thanks to twitter:

1. PC version of Rage comes on 3 DVD and installs more than a hour.
2. It started download updates from the Steam and downloaded for 50 minutes on my 4 Megabit DSL connection.
3. Crashed on the first run with black screen after intro cinematic.
4. I didn't managed to launch it with 3 versions of drivers and command line parameters that I've googled was working for most of people.
5. I felt like it's 1997 or 2001 when all the games where launched like this and go to sleep.

1. I googled a while tryied several more versions of drivers for my Radeon 5750 at 32 bit Win 7.
2. Read official twitter, updated drivers to recommended, no way.
3. I asked @ragegame at twitter and received no response.
4. I've given up
5. Bought Battlefield 3

1. Read about new drivers update on reddit.
2. Recieved the same blue picture but find a hope that the problem is going to fixed.

1. Set up new Catalyst 11.11a performance driver
2. Yes! Finally Rage works on my AMD 5750 :-)

1. I've played Rage for an hour and half, got a feeling that I'm playing more Fallout than Doom or Quake.
2. Saves are still unstable: once per approximately ten times game crashes.
3. Achievements are disabled because I've used console commands.

After this long way the game is brilliant:
1. Shooter part is solid, aggressive and speedy like good old days.
2. The world design is unique and impressive.
3. Picture is sharp, not like any other game I know.
4. Locations are large and pretty different.
5. Characters are strong and expressive.
6 .Atmosphere is great.
7. Music is good.
8. A lot of ideas with cars and RPG part.
9. New capture the flag style racing gameplay is really challanging.

I've finished Rage campaign in 12 hours according to in-game stats and in 18 hours according to Steam stats. Played multi-player a bit but it's more co-operative than multi-player. I've found not to many players online.

The game is innovative so has a lot of problems with new technology and code. Just great that this work has been done. I love to play this unique game. Great thanks to developers! Waiting for DOOM 4...

Catalyst promted to update to version 11.12 and the game stopped to work again, had to roll back Than uninstalled Rage (22Gb) anyway because had not enough disk spate to set up MW3 (14 GB)

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