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Friday, December 23, 2011

Flash Game Top Week 35

Flash game top of the week #35. Finally this week there is a lot of new good game releases :) This week's top 10 flash games at e+Games

10.POGZ - Excellent extension of classic pinball gameplay for mobile devices, great visuals! 10/10

9.Creeper World 2: Academy - This #strategy game is getting better and better! New elements, graphics, best visual, faster gameplay! 10/10
Creeper World 2: Academy

8.FIVE - Fully support the author's "awesome atmosphere and great song". I love this graphic design! 10/10

7.Zombie VS Pinball - Today is pinball day @eplusgames: speedy and addicting as natural for pinball games, funny and popular setting 10/10
Zombie VS Pinball

6.TechnoMania - The most creative #game of #FlashGamm Kyiv 2011 nothing to add ^) 10/10

5.Greens Survive when Reds Die - Very nice #puzzle game! Easy and fun to play!!! Excellent graphics! 10/10
Greens Survive when Reds Die

4.iR obot - Finally normal 3D tower #defence! Awesome graphics!!! 10/10
iR obot

3.300 miles to Pigsland - Awesome and funny #adventure game! Cleverly designed!!! I like! 10/10
300 miles to Pigsland

2.Isoball X1 - It's my favorite #puzzle game!!! Good to see more levels being created! 10/10
Isoball X1

1.Beetles - Excellent! New casual matching gameplay mechanics :) Great direct uploads today ^) 10/10


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