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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Flash Gamm 2011 Kyiv Impressions

Flash Gamm 2011 Kyiv was just great.

The best of all I liked the atmosphere of changes. The year before everything was Flash. Stable plans, proved workflow and so on. This year everybody is trying to make their successful future on new basically mobile platforms with new technologies and tech advantages. Inspiring :)

And step by step on lectures I've attend:

Day 1

1. “Workshop: First steps with AIR Native Extensions for Android and iOS” by Adobe Evangelists Lee Brimelow and Tom Krcha - AIR Native Extensions is a technology that makes Photoshop work on touch devices so You can make Your own [Photoshop] game with it.

2. “Become a sponsorship ninja by utilizing FlashGameLicense.com” -  all clear about the platform that fuels flash game industry. Would be great to hear this lecture 3-5 years ago :)

3. My presentation can be found here Applied Social Magic - no comments in this review format %)

4. “AlternativaPhysics: physic simulation on Flash is easy” - I had a lot questions to discuss after my lecture, so missed nearly all the session, the part I heard was great. Hope my time for 3D games and advanced physics that I love is coming soon.

5. “Developing successful games on Unity3D” - Unity is great, we love it, don't love Tegra that much but still can do great games with Unity %)

Day 2

1. “High performance cross-platform made easy. Creating a native app in iOS and Android in 5 minutes” - Visual Studio and Marmelade - strong and native as for me solution for developer on different platforms. Bad: no Flash (AS3) support now, good: going to be soon next year. If change (upgrade) ActionScript 3 and Flash technology for something for some reasons C++ fits me best.

2. “Making games fun” - by Denis Romanko is pretty academic, respect for the system approach, will study an presentation once again when it's published.

3. “Accelerating 2D and 3D Games on the GPU” by Adobe Game Evangelist Tom Krcha
- UDK adn 60 FPS Shooter Game on iPad nothing to add yet.

4. “FlashJS open source game engine on Javascript and HTML5 for flash developer” - completely unusual for me idea, it works and it's open source.

5. “HTML5 for mobile platforms” - excellent results with optimization for rather slow 3GS device. Pity can't find True Token on the web (show me please a link if anybody knows) and look at working examples HTML5 version of  Mad Shapes if I don't mess up. The best way to jump start HTML5 I guess.

6. “Backgrounds for 2D games” - by Oleg Akimov. Another academic session, when Oleg speaks I wish I to be an Artist :)

7.  “Artist + game designer = game” - from Absolutist very nice idea of workflow optimization for industrial games production.

Flash GAMM KYIV 2011 Official Video - great idea to show the movie during the conference, funny questions and answers, didn't watch to the end - had to run away to go home.

Thanks everybody who made it possible: organizers, speakers, listeners, all the game developers and players!

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