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Friday, December 9, 2011

Flash Game Top Week 33,5

I've finished my presentation for the Flash Gamm 2011 Kyiv several hours ago and going to Kiev. So the weekly top is going to be published early next week. See You at #FlashGamm

[UPDATED] Flash Gamm 2011 Kyiv was just great. My presentation can be found here Applied Social Magic. I will write a report about conference today or tomorrow.

And the weekly top is transformed to one and a half week post. So the number is updated to 33,5.
Top flash games of the week 33,5. Here comes the best 10 flash games @eplusgames last ten days:

10. Moby Dick 2 - Awesome game! Great improvement over the previous part!!! 9/10
Moby Dick 2

9.Rabbids - Alive & Kicking - Funny rabbits, classic timekiller game, great idea of XBOX Kinnect game promo ;) 9/10
Rabbids - Alive & Kicking

8. Carnagedon - I like complex games by Vabolt, now multiplayer ^) 9/10

7. Guru of Time - Awesome new idea for #physics #puzzle! Move world around guru! I like that! 9/10
Guru of Time

6. Imperfect Balance 3 - Great #puzzle! Great additions! 9/10
Imperfect Balance 3

5. Necronator 2 - Awesome #strategy! Great graphics, many upgrades... Coooool! 9/10
Necronator 2

4. A Simple Day - I love this #retro one button #shooter, just great and too #addicting! 10/10
A Simple Day

3. Boby and the Witch - Great retro stylization and hard oldschool gameplay, seen this game at FGL released games thread and bookmarked to flash game selected. Thanks for upload! 10/10
Boby and the Witch

2. Bubble It - I've seen this game at reddit a month ago and already reviewed - Excellent idea! Every time I think everything in casual gameplay already invented and done appears new game like this :) Thanks for the upload! 10/10
Bubble It

1. Shameless clone - The game is completely crazy! :) 10/10
Shameless clone

You are welcome to suggest Your favorite games on Facebook on Twitter or directly by Upload.

Thanks for making and publishing games, reading and playing. Thanks for e-mails and uploads. I'm happy that more and more games are received by e-mail and directly uploaded. Now I wish to see more game ratings and comments ;)

Play more and have a nice week end! :)

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