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Monday, September 1, 2014

[#PC] Need for Speed Rivals #review

Today is a game review on Monday morning. I'm completely out of time for blogging and Tanya is on vacations so not to achieve two gratitude posts about Empire Avenue in raw, writing a game review from queue. It's  Need for Speed: Rivals and it's amazing :)

I play every 3rd of NFS games because it's a Hot Pursuit one. Need for Speed: Rivals is Hot Persuit too as usual and it has one significant innovation: it's kind of MMO game. Most of the cars on the road are controlled by players. It's just great and challenging and the balancing of racing is done very nice.

The game is running on the new Frostbite engine and the game looks perfect on my GTX770.

I love NFS series and play usually till the end of the campaign. This time I played ~20 levels, tuned up Ford Mustang to the max, got Ferrari 430 and given up playing. It's too light and too fragile for me :)

Also I've received two games in addition at Origin. First is Hot Pursuit that I've already got on DVD and the second is Burnout Paradise I've not tried yet.

Game is great as usual, I love the series, recommended 9/10, welcome to get Your copy @ Amazon:

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