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Monday, September 8, 2014

[movies] iTunes Affiliates #stats #socialmedia

I've got 1000+ clicks on my iTunes Affiliates #movies links in my blog posts and in #socialmedia posts

and 0% conversion. It's not views it's clicks and it's quite surprising as for me %)

So I've got a question: is it nobody but to me buys #movies at #iTunes or is it more proper way to place links and make reviews or just much more traffic needed?

Thanks in advance, have a nice week :)


  1. With those stats I reckon you should contact Apple -- that just looks wrong!

    I've bought a few iTunes movies/series, and they often won't play (then get a refund). Rentals are even worse.

    1. Thanks Kymberly for an idea, it's quite possible indeed :)

  2. I guees the best option is to contact Apple about this.