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Friday, July 25, 2014

[#socialmedia][updated #4] Empire Avenue #article


I've got this the article in a queue for several month already and writing it for several month too. Today Mozilla crashed I've lost a part of the article and then by deleting the draft deleted the original post %) So I have to and will finish it today :) ~50 pluses lost, could You please support it once again ;)

Empire Avenue is my favourite #socialmedia service for now and it keeps the first place for more then 2 years. It's complicated and logical, active and not annoying as for me and It's evolving. In several words it's a stock marked simulator and #socialmedia activity is a currency, more You active larger Your virtual Empire becomes ;)

[UPDATE #1] As I was afraid it haven't happened on time on Monday. It's Friday today and two weeks later %) I'm completely out of time and I have strong will to write all the articles and the whole book :)

Lets keep with tradition started from the article about Klout and split the article to theoretic part and practical howto.

Theory and general game description
Looks like a lot of theoretical part needed to be described. Since it's a stock market simulation a lot of economics and finance background is involved

Ticker - is for user name here. When You join Empire Avenue You select one, I've naturally chosen 7A and it goes with (e) to indicate it's #EAv user, so (e)7A it's me at Empire Avenue.

Now You've got 100000 eaves that is one of currencies of the game, it's mostly used and it's completely virtual, no legal way to take it out of the game.There are vees as the other currency that are more close to real money and about it later on.

You've got 10000 shares outstanding to sell with 10 eaves price each. You can sell 200 share to one player with fresh face limit that lasts for first 7 days. 

Now appear two basic questions how to earn money and where to spend them, see You soon with the next update ;)

[UPDATE #2] Once again month instead of a week %)

You can ear money on avenue three ways:
  1. Complete missions both eaves and vees. Everything is easy here, select relevant missions for ex. You like technology and You are active at twitter, tech mission on twitter is for You. Read properly requirements and complete it carefully. Don't want to do anything, use gift or invest missions then ;) If You You don't read carefully, don't read at all or don't perform actions or perform it with not primary accounts everything goes much more complicated %)
  2. Get dividends from investments. Select good stock with high Yeild, find growing (greed) stock, be aware falling of (red) and You'll get some money every day. Theoretically You can not to run any missions but it takes really much time, see Practice section for examples.
  3. Sell You shares. It's an art to sell Your stock, it's not too easy to sell present based on activity and even harder present of price based on share sales, make good divs, keep it growing, be aware of re-funds, follow EA economy trends and many more factors. It'sa stock market simulator, You know ;)
also You can buy eaves for the real money in the shop and it's an exchange not earning :)

[UPDATE #3] [once again %)] in a week or so, now nearly in time :)

Now You can spend Your hard earned eaves:

  1. Run missions to promote Your sites, app, sales, campaigns and whatever You do over the Internet.
  2. Invest in other players to get larger portfolio and higher dividends income.
  3. Run missions to promote Your social networks connected to Empire Avenue to boost Your dividend payouts to other players that leasds to more buys of Your shares.
  4. Give away Your eaves as a gift to became more recognizable and get more positive image.
  5. Give eaves to invest in Yourself, not too good idea because of 80% tax and nearly the only way keep in green permanently.
That's it, let's go an play :)

It's even more complicated here... Your goal is to get Your dividend high and share price growing. There are many strategies in the real market and math. Based on Yeald, Buy/Sell fast, trade a lot, keep Your portfolio clean and optimal and so on.

The secret is in currency specifics. The game is based on player's activity and  You shold measure buy it. If the person is active on social networks and on Avenue You can be sure it's a good investment. Thanks to Michael Q Todd to pointing at this simple key feature.

Be active, buy, sell, comment and run missions, pay forward and You get huge and positive feedback form Empire Avenue ;)

Case 1:
Divs earning for (e)7A vs. (e)EPLUSGAMES, the accounts were started several month one after one, active missions making, shares sales and fresh face investment and re-investment vs passive buys for divs only and spending divs on running missions. You can take a look and just compare wealth and divs for those accounts ;)

Case 2:
The same thing (e)GETITCOOKED vs. (e)7A, pretty similar strategy but many times faster :)

Case 3:
20+ percent of refferal traffic to Get It Cooked Blog is from Empire Avenue and the traffic from the other social networks is connected with #EAv:

Now we've started with more detailed analytics with marked URLs for all types of promotion. So pretty soon I' ll be able to share more data about socialmedia promotion and with portal start paid promotion too.

And that's it as for jumpstart guide. There is much more info on this beautiful complicated game and I'm going to write another article(s) based on Your feedback :) What do You think?

[UPDATE #4] I guess the article covers Blog-a-thon Ideas by Sir Rudiger Esquirel:

  •  Why you joined Empire Avenue
  • Why people in your business or profession should join Empire Avenue
So I'm in for #EAv Blog-a-thon with this post :)

More articles for Applied Social [Media] Magic #Book are here.and here Applied Social Magic #tag

The next article is about Twitter :) 


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