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Friday, July 25, 2014

[#PS3] Mortal Combat #game #review

I think You already know that I was eager to play some console exclusives for ages. So I've got #PS3 form a friend and we've started with Mortal Combat.
I've taken Playstation 3 to my birthday party at our office, so we had proper mood and quorum to play :)

Bad is: 
  • The graphics is not so good after nextgen titles at #PC that I've played recently. I was reading game reviews and the graphics were described as cutting edge. Time goes by :P

Good is everything else:

  • The game kept it's original mechanics that I've used to play on #PC in nineties. So I've even managed to win sometimes :)
  • Multilayer is amazing, balance is challenging, sound is fat, anatomy modelling is precise and polished. In addition it's addicting as sh*t. We hardly stopped on the second day %)
  • Also I've tried single player, lot's of modes, long storytelling cinematics and looks like there are tons of gameplay gems there.

I'm only starting to explore and I guess that already understood some hardcore specifics and difference of console gaming. At least #PS3 one for now %)

Hope find time to play Mortal Combat and share more long-term impressions and experience. Anyway game is amazing, recommended 9/10.

#Nowplaynig God of War 3, hope to be back with review pretty soon :)

Play more, have an amazing weekend ahead of You!

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