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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

[Windows Phone] Zombie Derby #review

As it was announced quite a while ago I'm writing a bit more detailed article about Zombie Derby. It was planned as guest post to mobile blog and then was rejected, so publishing it here as usual but a bit delayed :)

Tested on Windows Phone on Nokia Lumia 720.
I find the monetization model of the game interesting. You can purchase virtual fuel or wait until it appears for free - 2 minutes per liter, one mission per 1-2 hours or so. Buying it for several dollars is natural. You can also get rid of advertizing for one dollar after completing the level.
It's natural, however the realization is a bit strict, so I completed the game for free by playing once a day with free fuel :P Although, when I finally decided to buy the game, the “buy” banner disappeared and I was able to actually purchase it only after the recent game update.
Enough about game development and monetization, let's talk about the game.

It's a classic optimization based game play - drive better, go further. The car needs a lot of upgrades. There's a car for each level: lighter, harder or even a harvesting/recycling one.
The game is naturally addictive, pretty easy to jump in and it's not something you can easily pass. Also there are several hardcore features, for example, bird achievement.

There's not much to add except for zombies :)
A challenging and lasting game play based on driving/shooting, pretty nice 2,5D view with 3D graphics based on Unity, a quite simple control system. This is one of the first games for windows phone I've installed and it's still one of the most favorite ones. I strongly recommend - 9/10
The next article is coming soon here  and it's about Halo: Spartan Assault. Also a Titanfall review next :)
Work less, play more, have an amazing weekend ahead of You :)

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