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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

[Windows Phone] Angry Birds Star Wars, Contre Jour, Zombie Derby #game #review

Naturally I'm exploring ecosystem of my new Windows Phone's #game world. After several random #games I've decided to try hit games:

1. Angry Birds Star Wars - graphis and music are impressive, level are hard I've got bored after 7 levels, didn't bought a game.


2. Contre Jour - had to find a time to try, found at night while looking titles after Battlefield 4 campaign. Passed 10 levels of the first chapter, admitting that game is atmospheric, stylish and innovative but realized that it's not my cup of tea, too slow for me. Also haven't bought.

Then I thought that search criteria is wrong and taken top rated game and It's definitely of my kind, hard, fast and hardcore:


3. Zombie Derby - it's free, monetization technique is too perfect, so It's interesting how developers pushes You to buy something the next time. I'm stock at the place on screenshot, going to play to the end, then buy something to in-game support developers and write separate review :) #recommended 9/10

Hope You like it and I have some time to play and write more #mobile reviews :)

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