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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

[R&D] New Flass Pro CC HTML5/JS/Canvas

It's completely not fashionable nowadays and I've spent a lot of happy years since 1997 with #flash technology and anyway I had no idea to try new Flash IDE %) Arthur tried and shared  links, impressions and demo.

I experimented with the flash updates and I don’t feel quite positive about them. If someone’s interested, I can write a detailed article.Is anybody?

Long story short: congratulations, we’re back at AS2 and flash 8 level, however, most likely, even flash 7. Basically, it’ll do for banners and some really crappy games (by the way, I’ll have to try actually doing something simple on it, maybe pretty soon, maybe native JS coding going to be better). 
I’ll also need to make an analogue on AS3 and compare the productiveness on platforms and find out if such method will do as a JavaScript analogue of the existing one. 

Here comes official article from Adobe blog and old plain flash game build in HTML/JS/Canvas.
p.s. Internet Explorer has a better FPS and Chrome turned out to be a load of crap.
p.p.s. Now a lot HTML5 will be defiantly slower then old flash hardly blamed for it %)

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