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Friday, December 20, 2013

[r&d] Unity First Impressions #4: testing performance #gamedev

We are making our first 3d with Unity. It recalls all my old general 3D and applied Maya experience.
Today we are talking about light sources, environment and number of polygons vs FPS on different devices :)

Here’s the project. There’s an android computer appliance in the “build” folder.

A figure I’ve (Artur) blendered up myself is in the heart of events)))
  • there are figures for 1000, 10 080 and 99 844 triangles, I thinks there’s no point in making more
  • the x button changes the figure
  • to change the light, tap somewhere on the screen besides the x button and the name of the light source will appear above
  • light like “area” is available in the pro version
FPS are:
Sony Experia Play, Android
figure   spot   point directional
1000      44.6     46.6    50.7
10800    39.2     39       46.9
99844    17       17.2     26.5

Galaxy Note 2014 Edition, Android (2560х1600)
figure   spot   point directional
1000      63     61      61
10800    61     62      61
99844    47     47      49

Nokia Lumia 720, Windows Phone (800x480)
figure   spot   point directional
1000      60     60      60
10800    60     60      60
99844    35     38      52

Tested only hardest configuration then to save time :)

PC q8200, Radeon 3700, Win Vista Business 32 bit (960x600)
figure   spot
99844     60

PC i5 661, GeForce GTX 770, Win 8.1 64 bit (960x600) (3D Monitor)
figure   spot
99844     107

MacBook Pro (960x600)
figure   spot
99844     60

iPhone 5 (1136x640)
figure   spot
99844     N/A
Didn't found plug cable and time to set up all provisioning stuff %)

Looks like it vertical sync to 60 FPS and 100 on 3D Monitor.

It’s best to take into account, that the standard sphere for about 80-100 triangles with skybox mobile shader plays the role of the sky and the camera is the one that moves, not the object.
There’s no textures and animation as well as programmed logic and typing reaction etc. in the demo version, so the mentioned FPS can be easily cut in half.
Generally, the phone readings don’t exactly make me smiling and I hope that our games will have at least 40 FPS on most devices.

I think we'll manage to optimaze everything properly to get game run smoot on highest range of devices.

You are welcome to download benchmark source or build for Android .apk and share the results of Your beloved smart and fast phones and tablets ;)

Thanks in advance, have an amazing weekend ahead of you :)

+ More R&D posts ;)


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