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Naughty Who @ indiedb

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our new #game, project name Naughty Who?

We are working on a new #Unity #game. It's the first sketch for the #game :)

Project name is Naughty Who? so far and It's time to decide who is naughty:

1. girl or boy 
and what is her/his
2. name/description
What do You think?

Thanks! :)


  1. 1) Girl
    2) Princess (as the name implies privilege and one expects a princess to behave well - she should behave exactly the opposite)

  2. 1) Girl
    2) Eris ... Goddess of chaos, strife and discord

  3. Naughty Natalie She just has that twinkle in her eye. You know she is going to cause trouble, but you know it will be fun!

  4. 1 - Both
    You have to add selection of hero for you game, if you can handle that additional work.

    Boy Hero - that ok for US/EU, Girl Hero - Asia.

  5. 1. boy
    2. Kent
    [ Male solidarity ;) ]

  6. The girl - her name Lyunya, she is 5 years old. She does not go to school yet but already knows how to read and sniff %)
    Lyunya loves tasty and healthy food that her Mommy cooking. Mom went to the cinema and to the left Lyunyu with daddy.
    Dad can not cook healthy food and decided to feed Lyunyu fast food: hamburger, cheeseburger, hotdog, shawarma. Guess what happened?